‘Walker: Independence’ Recap: Season 1, Episode 9 “Strange Bedfellows”

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Things get serious as Kai gets a visitor that puts the town on edge, and another Davidson arrives to shake things up, too. Let’s take a look at what happened in Walker: Independence season 1, episode 9 “Strange Bedfellows”.

Abby’s Revelation

Abby tells Hoyt, Kate, and Augustus she isn’t sure Tom killed Liam, and that she saw someone who looked just like him. Gus tells her if she’s not legally able to come forward, they don’t have a case. The three of them are angry at Abby because they all followed her lead.

Hoyt asks Gus for help and that Kai’s in trouble. Kate wants to go see Kai, and Gus and Hoyt ask her to keep an eye on him.

The Other Davidson

Tom is told a man is locked up in a room without paying, and Tom goes to the room. There, he sees his brother, Shane. Tom sees that he’s carrying a gun, which he never used to do. Tom asks if he knows anything about why he was stabbed, and Shane denies it.

Tom and Shane head into the Sheriff’s office where Abby is. Abby introduces herself to him and the three of them go to the Side Step.

Anna Kooris/The CW

Kai & Lily

We see Kai looking out at Independence, and going through his day. Kate goes to visit and talks to him about costumes. She asks if he’s alright, and he brushes her off.

A woman, Lily, arrives who Kai knows. Kai says they met in San Francisco years ago. Once Kate leaves, Kai kisses Lily. Kai says the night they escaped they were separated and he thought she was dead. Lily tells him that a couple who owns a general store took her in. Lily says the Tong came and talked about how they found Kai, and that they were coming to Independence.

Kai tells Lily he can’t leave. Kai goes to see Kate and asked to get paid early for this week’s laundry, and he says thank you to Kate for everything. He tells her people are looking for him and he wants to leave town. Kate brings up that her shoes are new and it’s suspicious. Kai gets defensive and says Kate plays him for information and he knows she’s a Pinkerton agent.

Kai goes back and asks Lily how long she’s been working for the Tong. Lily draws a gun on Kai. Lily says the night they got separated she went back. She said she did what was necessary and the Tong trust her. She says his death is the only way to clear their debt. Kai interrupts, saying he can make the Tong more money, and there’s a fortune to be made there. He has the sheriff in his corner, and he can set up a meeting.

Abby and The Davidsons and Pool/billiards

The Davidson brothers and Abby all play pool/billiards, with Abby beating them. As they’re playing, Kai comes in to talk to Tom. Kai tells Tom about the Tong wanting to come to town and take a cut of businesses. Shane overhears Kai and Tom’s conversation and leaves.

Shane arrives at Kai’s place and sees Lily. He tells Lily Kai is talking to the wrong Davidson.

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Hoyt and Gus

Gus tries to go meet Calian and ask for him, but Calian doesn’t show.

Calian gets Hoyt set up to wear a badge and deputizes him, and that it will help Hoyt arrest it if the situation warrants it. Kate arrives and denies being deputized.

Kate, Hoyt, and Gus are all at Hagans. Abby arrives and wants to help with Kai, but Kate tells her to sit this one out. Abby sees Shane at the bar and goes over to him, and she calls him out for eavesdropping on Kai and Tom. She sees a mark on Shane’s cheek, which flashes back to Liam’s murder.

Kai’s in Tom’s office at Hagans as they talk more about the Tong. Gus, Kate, and Hoyt arrive and offer their help, and Tom tells them to set the meeting. When going back to his place, Kai sees Lily with a few Tong men. She comes back and he tells her the meeting has been set.

Lily handcuffs Kai to his stove so he can’t go to the meeting. Tom goes to meet out Lily and Shane arrives, too. Lily tells Tom that Kai is not a part of this anymore.

Kate goes to Kai’s to undo his handcuff when the Tong comes and tries to kill him. Kate tries to shoot and misses. Two men wield axes at him as Kate shoots one, and Kai strangles the other. He takes an axe and hits the other one, killing him.

Lily sets her terms, and Tom doesn’t like them. Shane keeps interrupting, being more leniant, and wanting labor for the railroad. Tom asks what Shane did, and Shane says what is best for their family.

The men with Lily see Abby come out of her room and try to go after her, which Gus and Hoyt take him down. Hoyt places him in handcuffs. After the incident, Tom ends the meeting. He tells Lily she will agree to supply labor for the railroad for a ten percent cut or they will get nothing. Shane keeps interrupting, but Kai walks in with the bloody axes.

Kai tells Lily she will return to San Francisco and he will run Tong operations in Independence. If anyone else is sent out here they will die, and it’s a good deal and she needs to leave with it. Lily leaves in the wagon back to San Francisco.

Kate goes up to see Kai and Kai says he did it to save the town. Kate notices his accent isn’t real. Kate said she doesn’t know him.

Back at the station, Hoyt hands back in the badge. Gus tells Hoyt he found his horse, Cordell, and if he pays a small fee the sheriff’s office will let him keep him.

Chief Taza

Calian is told that Chief Taza returned from a hunt and collapsed. Taza tells Calian he’s outlived his time to lead.

Abby goes to see Calian and he tells her about Taza. He’s unsure of how to protect his people once Taza’s gone. Abby tells Calian about her doubts about Tom, and he tells her he believes in her.

Later, Calian is by Taza’s side. Taza tells him he advised the elders to make him Chief, and that he might be the only way their people will survive.

Calian and Gus finally meet and Calian tells Gus that Taza has passed. Calian tells Gus that he was asked to take over as Chief. Calian tells Gus that he needs allies, as people are trying to wipe his people out. Gus tells Calian that he might know where Nascha is.

Anna Kooris/The CW

The Reveal

Abby goes to Tom and says she thinks Shane might have killed Liam. Tom says Shane never used to carry a gun, and Abby says it’s the same caliber used to kill Liam. Tom says he knows where he might be headed.

Tom arrives at his barn, and it’s revealed that Shane is hanging from ropes, bleeding.

Walker: Independence airs Thursday nights after Walker on The CW. It’s available to stream on The CW App the next day.

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