Recap: ‘Walker’ Season 3, Episode 8 “Cry Uncle”


Walker returned from its midseason break, packing a punch right to the heart as the Walker family deals with Abeline’s collapse. Meanwhile, Cassie and Trey take on a case together but end up clashing with Captain James.

Let’s dive into what happened on tonight’s Walker.

Abeline’s Collapse

At the end of the last episode, we saw Abeline collapse outside after Thanksgiving dinner. As Augie was heading over to the house with Cordell to apologize to Abeline, he spots her outside, grabbing Cordell. Augie runs to get Bonham, and Bonham shoots out of the house to Abeline. They pick her up and put her in the back of the truck, with Bonham holding onto her tight as they drive her to the hospital.

The doctors and nurses tell Bonham to wait outside the room, and Liam and Stella arrive. A doctor comes to find them later and tells them that she had a mild stroke, but will recover.

Bonham goes to see Abeline, bringing her flowers. Abeline and Bonham talk about the first time they were in that hospital when Bonham tried to make spaghetti and meatballs (which were undercooked). Bonham doesn’t want her talking about the past like they have no future.

Abeline Returns Home

Abeline returns home, and Bonham is being overly cautious; gives her compression socks, gets rid of food with salt in it, etc. Abeline gives a note to Bonham about updating their will, but Bonham doesn’t want to talk about it.

Augie arrives, and he gets Abeline and himself tea. He apologizes for the way he’s acted and what he said to her on Thanksgiving. Cordell arrives, and Abeline and Cordell talk. Abeline asks Cordell to take the kids and go to Dallas to see Abeline’s brother, Willie. He doesn’t pick up when she calls him, and Abeline says he’s stubborn and asks Cordell to talk to him to see if he’ll come for a visit.

Abeline is peeling potatoes in the kitchen as Bonham tries to give her a cup of vitamins, but she asks him to dial it down.

Abeline is folding laundry later as Bonham comes in. He tells her dinner is ready and it’s a healthy alternative, and Abeline tells him he’s stressing her out. Bonham leaves, and Abeline feels bad so she follows him. As she reaches the dining room, Liam and Bonham are waiting, where they’re serving spaghetti and meatballs, a throwback to the meal they talked about in the hospital. He tells her he’s terrified of living without her.


Rebecca Brenneman/The CW

On the way to Dallas, Stella and Augie argue and Cordell pulls over. He kicks the kids out of the truck, telling them to walk the last three miles.

They arrive at the bed and breakfast that Willie owns. Willie tries to tell them no vacancy, but Cordell had a reservation under Stella’s name. Cordell tells Willie about the stroke, and that Abeline’s okay, but that she wanted to see him. Willie says he’s too busy, and that what happened between them happened for 20 years, but Abeline wants a fresh start.

While they’re eating breakfast the next day, Cordell, Augie, and Stella talk, and Cordell has to interrupt them. Cordell gets up and leaves Augie and Stella alone. They start arguing and Stella tells Augie he misses Mom and that he wouldn’t act like that with her there. Stella shares a story about Emily calling Augie a toad. Stella says that Augie and Emily were close and that if he needs to vent, she can be that person since Emily isn’t there. Cordell listens outside of the room and smiles, hearing the kids getting along.

As they get ready to leave, Stella tells Cordell she doesn’t want her and Augie to end up like Abeline and Willie. Cordell asks about doing Sunday dinners together, and she agrees. They go to leave without Willie, but they’re stopped as he runs out. Willy says he misses his sister, but he’s just not ready to see her yet. Cordell tells him they don’t always have the time they think they do.

When Cordell gets back, he goes to see Abeline and tells her about the visit. As they’re talking, Abeline’s phone rings and Willie is calling her.

Later, Bonham goes to see Cordell and tells him that he thinks it’s time he finds a place of his own.

Trey, Cassie, and Captain James

Rebecca Brenneman/The CW

Larry goes to Trey and tells him to work a case with Cassie. He says that Trey is going to fill Cassie in, not the other way around. They’re looking for Victor Ziff, a detective with “a big personality”, who is missing. His wife, Madison, is not speaking, and several bank accounts were drained.

Cassie and Trey find Madison and she said she has no idea where Victor is, and that they ended things a long time ago. She said they started the foundation together, but they’re getting a divorce. She also said she doesn’t know why the accounts were drained.

They arrive at Victor’s office and look for clues. They go through his assets and find a property he couldn’t sell because it has structural damage. Cordell calls Cassie, and Cassie asks if he’s talked to Larry because he’s acting weird.

Cassie wants to drive by the warehouse, but Trey said they’ll need a warrant. Cassie said she’s his superior, so if anything she’ll take the blame. As they pull up, they hear gunfire and Cassie runs in as Trey calls it in.

They enter the building and see Victor Ziff — but he’s playing a video game. They find passports and he tells them he has a woman waiting for him in Moldova.

At the station, Larry comes in and yells at Trey about the warehouse. Cassie goes to interject, but Larry tells her to shut up. He then yells at Trey and says he might have made a mistake making him a Ranger.

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