‘The Rookie’ Recap: Season 5, Episode 11 “The Naked and The Dead”

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Warning: This episode contains a storyline heavily involving domestic abuse. Please read at your own discretion.

This week’s episode has Tim and Lucy’s relationship continuing to go steady, a gang war, Lucy facing a tough case, and Bailey and Nolan dealing with some frustrating tenants.

A War

Angela’s brother Damien shows up at the station and asks her to look for a gang member he’s been helping. The guy has been missing, and Damien gives Angela his number to track him. She calls for Nolan and Celina for backup when they get the location. When there, Angela tries calling the phone, and it’s ringing in a wall. They rip it open to find the guy’s body wrapped in plastic in the wall. Celina doesn’t handle it all well and walks away. After she’s gone, Nolan talks to Angela and Nyla, who think this is the beginning of a gang war.

Celina and Nolan go and talk to the leader of the gang who was targeted, while Nyla and Angela go talk to who they suspect did it. While they’re both denying doing anything and planning to do anything, Nolan realizes that the guy he’s talking to has already put a plan to get them back. He’s barely able to warn Angela and Nyla before gunfire opens on where they are.

Damien tells Nyla, Angela, and Grey about a friend of the guy they found dead coming to him and asking him to relay details of a mass drug shipment coming in. The details are sketchy, but it’s not a tip that they can let go. The situation gets complicated when members of the other gang show up to shoot out the drug deal. When they get back to the station, they get Damien to bring the kid in to talk to him. After some pushing, they learn that Elijah Stone paid him to snitch on the drug deal.

With Elijah taking back his territory and only one person’s testimony to support it all, they don’t have a case yet. Grey and Nyla discuss having to keep Angela off the case when she leaves to warn Wesley of Elijah making a comeback.

Coach Bradford (and Coach Chen)

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While on patrol, Tim gets a call from Genny about a fight escalating at her son’s little league baseball game. The fight turns physical when a parent punches the coach because her kid isn’t getting the treatment she feels he deserves. Tim arrests the parent after the punch is thrown, but the coach quits. Aaron volunteers for Tim to do it, and Genny jumps in to convince him to do it.

At practice, Tim is really soft on the kids, who are a bit of a mess and not very good at baseball. Lucy shows up at the practice and comments on it. Genny reveals that their dad briefly coached Tim’s little league team and left some scars, so Tim is going overboard with trying to not be like him. Lucy decides to jump in and help him firmly instruct the kids on how to throw the ball.

A kid cheers that he found out his dad is coming to the game, and Tim and Lucy are happy for him until Genny reveals to them that the dad has been on the run for the last year on an attempted murder charge. Lucy informs her that if the dad shows up, they’re obligated to arrest him, and Genny tells them that it would break the kid if that happened.

At the game, the dad shows up. Angela and Nyla show up for him, but tell him that they don’t want his kid to see him in cuffs, so they’ll wait until after the game. Meanwhile, Tim and Lucy continue to coach the kids during the game. Lucy gets frustrated at the kids struggling in the game, and Tim is there to reel her in so they can just be supportive and cheer them all on.

Citizen’s Academy

Lucy is assigned to teach a class to civilians about what they do at the police station. One of the people, Kyra, attending the class asked a question about what happens in a situation of a call about domestic abuse. It sets off a red flag for Lucy, who is assuring Kyra as possible that she has options. Lucy ends up looking up Kyra’s boyfriend, Oliver, and finds that he has a restraining order against him from his ex-wife because of domestic violence.

It takes some pushing, but Lucy gets Kyra to agree to go to a shelter for the night. While at baseball practice with Tim and Genny, the shelter calls Lucy to tell her that Kyra is starting problems by trying to find out if someone is staying at the shelter. Lucy recognizes the name that she’s asking about as Oliver’s ex-wife. She goes to the shelter and approaches Kyra about it. While they’re talking, Oliver pulls up, and Kyra ends up going with him.

Tim and Lucy approach Wesley about it, and he tells them that, unfortunately, there’s nothing that they can do. Later, when Lucy is on patrol, she gets a call from Kyra. Oliver is in the background, throwing stuff and yelling. Lucy shows up at the house. She and Oliver get into a fight, and she loses her gun. When she manages to overpower him and get cuffs on him, Kyra picks up the gun and points it at Lucy. She tells her that she made a mistake calling her and that things are actually fine. Lucy manages to talk her down and into setting down the gun before putting her in cuffs as well.


Tim and Lucy continue to keep their relationship a secret. Tim is struggling to lie about it all, while Lucy is doing well with coming up with a cover story and lying about where she was when she was really with Tim.

Bailey’s House

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Nolan learns that the people that are renting Bailey’s house haven’t paid her rent in six months and takes things into his own hands to get the payment. Celina repeatedly tells him that he and Bailey are too soft to be a landlord, and he fights it but doesn’t make any progress.

When Bailey and Nolan stop by the house a second time to talk to the tenants, they discover that they’ve been renting the house a few nights a week to people who make adult movies. Nolan asks Wesley about it, who originally says it’ll be a three-month process to get them out of there until he learns about them renting the place out and violating their tenant agreement. Apparently, they also have a history of doing things like this to con people out of making them pay rent.

Bailey and Nolan go to post an eviction notice and tell them that they have to leave, but they find the place empty. The couple took off with all of Bailey’s things.

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