‘Teen Wolf: The Movie’: New Photos Reveal Return of Nogitsune

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Curtis Bonds Baker/MTV Entertainment

The first batch of photos from Teen Wolf: The Movie has arrived and along with fan-favorite characters, they also tease the return of the Nogitsune.

In Teen Wolf: The Movie, the return of the creatures that creep through the night make their way back to Beacon Hills. Scott McCall, now many years older yet still an Alpha, must band together new allies and trusted friends to fight back against the deadliest enemy they’ve had to face.

Nogitsune was a major antagonist in season 3 of Teen Wolf, famously possessing Stiles. They prey on chaos, pain, and strife. When Allison’s shocking death happened in season 3, they were fighting back against the Oni and Nogitsune. They had trapped the Nogitsune fly in the triskelion urn, Chris Argent and Isaac took it to France and it wasn’t seen again.

Teen Wolf: The Movie releases on January 26 on Paramount+.

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