‘Walker: Independence’ Recap: Season 1, Episode 3 “Blood & Whiskey”

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Abby accepts a surprising offer from the Sheriff, and Calian and Hoyt team up. Let’s dive into tonight’s episode of Walker: Independence.

Abby’s Offer and Acceptance

Kate goes to wake up Abby, but her bed is empty. Kate tries snooping in her drawers and under her bed but finds nothing. Abby meets up with Calian and Hoyt, and she tells them that Tom offered her a job. They express their concern that it’s a trap.

Abby goes to the Sheriff’s office and looks for Gus and Tom. She starts to snoop before Gus comes down. Abby asks for Tom, who walks in. As they’re talking, a man arrives outside with a grave marker for Liam. Abby gets upset and tells Tom she’ll take the job. Tom goes to his desk to open a drawer, and Abby sees Liam’s journal. Tom pulls out an eviction notice for Sullivan Dry Goods that he wants Abby to serve.

Anna Kooris/The CW

The Davidsons and Reyes

Calian asks Chief Taza about the Davidsons, and that he’s worried they’re a threat to them and their land. Chief Taza says he only trusts a man named Francis Reyes. He tells Calian that the Elders are worried he spends a lot of time with people who are not his own. Chief Taza says they’ve never needed help from others, but if Calian believes they need to, he should lead the meeting.

Hoyt is at the Reyes’ and tries to ride another horse but keeps getting thrown off. Calian arrives and Lucia asks Hoyt if he knows him. Francis introduces Calian to Luis and Lucia and invites Calian to lunch. They all sit at the table eating chili. They talk about the cattle being stolen and Calian is worried, saying the cattle won’t be the only thing stolen. Calian rides the horse that Hoyt was trying to earlier, so Hoyt gets mad and steals Calian’s horse.

Lucia tells Calian her father is grateful for the help with the horse. Calian’s horse comes back, but with no Hoyt.

Angel Springs

Hoyt goes back into town and plays cards and gambles. He sees Abby and she says she needs to speak to him and Calian. Hoyt goes back to the table and they see he cheated at cards and a shootout occurs. Hoyt gets away and runs into Jacob – the man he knocked out from the first episode. Jacob hits Hoyt with a shovel and drags him away.

Hoyt wakes up and finds Jacob with a bunch of people around him that he knows in Angel Springs. He pretended to be a Priest and didn’t finish building a church. Jacob says he’s forgiven him but that he needs Hoyt’s help. Jacob’s having trouble with the distillery’s deliveries since Hoyt left, they get robbed, etc.

Calian is seen by a young girl as he spies on Hoyt, and Hoyt spots him up on a hill. He confronts Calian and asks why he’s following him. Calian tells him the horse came back and Lucia was worried about him. Hoyt tells Calian not to follow him again.

As Hoyt goes to do the delivery, Jacob decides to come with him. Jacob tells him the cargo is headed to Independence. They pull up to a place where they got robbed last time, and men come around and take a shot at them. Jacob jumps off the wagon, as another man climbs aboard and knocks Hoyt out.

Later, as Hoyt is walking away, arrows are being shot at him. He sees that it’s Calian shooting them. Calian tells him he’s missing him on purpose. Calian tells Hoyt he has it in him to be good, and Hoyt agrees to no more running. Hoyt and Calian spy on the men who robbed them and Calian asks about them. Hoyt goes to see them, and it’s the man he played cards with. Hoyt talks to them as Calian sneaks in, and the man sees Calian near the wagon. The Wagon takes off and a shootout with Hoyt ensues.

Calian calls on his horse and Calian and Hoyt take off after the wagon, shooting at it. A shot is fired and the two of them are thrown off the horse. The wagon swings around, and Calian takes his bow and fires an arrow, and hits a part of the wagon, making them stop.

Anna Kooris/The CW

Gus and Tom

Gus and Tom are digging the graves for Liam and Griffin. Tom asks Gus if it bothers him that he’s burying a man whose life he ended – and Gus says he can live with it if it’s justified. Tom tells Gus he still can’t get a handle on him, and that people of the town like him.

The two go back to the station and Gus goes through Griffin’s things. Tom talks about what they’d find on him and asks Gus to empty his pockets, but that he’ll go first. Tom pulls out money and a knife, which he stabs into Gus’ desk. Gus empties his pockets and they’re empty.

The Eviction

Abby goes to deliver the eviction notice to two sisters, Molly and Martha, who run Sullivan Dry Goods. Abby sees the loan is held by the bank. Abby arrives at the bank and asks about the loan, and arranging a payment plan. However, the teller tells her that the case was personally expedited by the sheriff. He also tells her they have land that is being held as collateral.

Abby goes to see Kate and has tea with her. Abby tells Kate about the eviction, and Kai is nearby listening too, and chimes in about why the Sullivans aren’t doing well. Kai says he can help.

Abby goes to talk to Molly and Martha and tells them they need to stop fighting. Abby tells them she had a sister back home, but that they let business get in the way. The two sisters make up and head back to work.

Sullivan Dry Goods gets a ton of business as Kate and Abby watch. They end up selling out of everything.

Richard Foreman, Jr./The CW

The Delivery

Kate sees Hoyt and Calian, and Abby heads off to talk to them. Abby asks what happened and Calian says Francis told them their cattle went missing soon after they turned down the Davidsons’ offer to buy their land. Abby tells them that she took the job offer and about the eviction. Hoyt tells Calian thank you and Calian rides off. Calian arrives back to his land and sees Francis talking to Chief Taza, who is upset to see Calian missed the meeting.

Hoyt gets the money for the delivery and heads back to Angel Springs with it, seeing Jacob walking. He picks him up in the wagon and the two head back. People cheer as they arrive and Jacob shows off the money. Hoyt asks to visit Jacob’s father, and he has his Priest attire on. Hoyt talks to him, telling him it’s okay to be scared.

Loans Paid Off

Tom sees Abby later and tells her good job, as he sees the Sullivan Dry Goods empty. However, she tells them they’re not leaving, they’re just sold out, and that they paid off their loan. Abby spins it to say he should be proud he’s making a difference, and that they’ll be talking about him for years to come.

Gus and The Consequences of Shooting Griffin

Gus arrives at Hagan’s to talk to Ruby about Griffin. He gives her Griffin’s pocket watch. She says she swears Griffin never killed anyone, especially not a sheriff. She gets angry at Gus for killing Griffin, telling Gus he has no heart at all. Gus tries to explain he was doing his job, and Ruby slaps him and slams the door in his face.

Richard Foreman, Jr./The CW

Abby and Kate

Abby arrives back to her and Kate’s room and sees that Kate’s drawers were open. She sees a gun in her drawer and she pulls it out. Kate opens the door and Abby has the gun pointed at Kate and asks who she is. Kate says she was just about to ask Abby the same thing.

Walker: Independence airs Thursday nights on The CW at 9 p.m.

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