‘The Rookie’ Recap: Season 5, Episode 4 “The Choice”

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For The Rookie universe’s first major crossover, they’re going big. In the intense first part, Rosalind is back in town and going after Nolan while Bailey fights for her life.

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ABC/Raymond Liu

Bailey and her team get called to an abandoned building for a medical call. They assume it’s for a homeless person or a drug overdose and go in without hesitation. Inside, Bailey steps through a rug covering a hole in the ground. She falls in and sees that it’s a metal tank, and before she or her team can react, a grated top covers it. Her team tries to get to her, but one of them gets electrocuted by the top when they try.

Bailey calls Nolan, who goes there with Tim, Lucy, and Celina, to help her. He ends up pulling Tim aside to talk in the shop about it all because he’s worried about the house being bugged. Angela and Nyla join them, and they figure out that Rosalind couldn’t have built this herself, so she probably has another accomplice. Angela and Nyla take charge of looking into it.

Meanwhile, the others go back in to help Bailey. They try cutting into the floor to look at it more, but the vibrations trigger spikes to start coming from the bottom of the tank. After that, they manage to cut the power in the building with the hope of being able to get the top off safely. This doesn’t work, though, because it’s connected to a generator, and when they cut the power, the tank starts filling with water.

They work on finding alternative ways to get her out when Nolan gets a call. On the other end of the line is Rosalind. She tells him to listen to her and not alert the others that she’s on the phone or Bailey will die. He listens to her, but when he does something she doesn’t like, she punishes him by dropping a chemical into the tank with Bailey. She sees it coming and goes under the water before it falls. When it comes in contact with the water, the water’s surface catches fire.

As they work on getting Bailey out, Celina and Lucy stay by the tank with her and time her as she holds her breath underwater to prepare for all that could come next. Tim and a team manage to cut a hole in the floor so they can access the outside of the tank. Tim and Lucy go down to scope it out. Nyla is able to find blueprints that show where the generator is, so they’re able to turn that off.

Lucy goes back up top to be with Bailey as they turn the generator off. When they do, Bailey goes underwater again because the loss of power causes the rest of the chemical that’s stocked to fall. The water is ablaze while Bailey’s team works on cutting the grate up top and Tim tries busting out the window on the side of the tank. They get the top open, but only after Bailey runs out of air and is sinking in the tank. Celina jumps in and pulls her out, and Lucy does CPR on her until she’s breathing again.

Ding Dong, The Wicked Witch is Dead

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Rosalind lures Nolan away from the scene and to a car that she’s left for him. She has him strip his weapons and anything that could track him before getting in the car. In the car, there’s a phone and a dismantled teddy bear. Rosalind calls him on this phone and explains where he’s going. He refuses to go until she gives him something, though, because he’s listened to her so far. She has a video stream of Bailey sent to the phone as an offering that Nolan takes. He drives off while listening to her orders.

Things are going fine until he gets into a road rage fight on accident while trying to get attention on what’s going on. He punches the guy when Rosalind tells him to take care of it and sneakily leaves a business card behind. The guy he punched contacts the station to tell them about it all. Rosalind punishes him for his attempts to alert people though and drops the chemicals on Bailey. Next, Rosalind has Nolan drive to a parking garage and run around there before having him go back to the car. He’s confused by it but does it. It’s revealed later that there’s a decoy car there that the police find.

Finally, she leads him to where she’s at. He gets to a big house she’s renting, and she reveals to him that he’s there to kill her. She has dinner set up in the building and a TV broadcasting Bailey fighting to stay afloat in the tank. She makes Nolan change into fancier clothes. The two sit at the table, and she gives him a gun. Rosalind explains to him that he’s a saint, but she believes you can make anyone a murderer, even a saint. She insists that he kill her, and when he does, her accomplice, who’s watching, will release Bailey.

Nolan stands there with the gun but struggles to do anything with it. At this moment, the others, unknown to Nolan, are working on getting Bailey out of the tank. All he sees on the screen is the second batch of chemicals falling in. Tearfully, he internally struggles to make a choice between killing Rosalind or letting Bailey die. As the tears spill over, he admits he can’t do it.

When Bailey is pulled out and safe, he puts cuffs on Rosalind and walks her out of the house while calling it in. They’re making their way down the steps when Rosalind is shot in the head by a sniper who is assumed to work with her. Realizing he’s not in danger, Nolan sits on the steps next to her body as the other officers and Grey show up on the scene.

The Accomplice

Nyla, Aaron, and Angela look into who could be working with Rosalind. They reach out to places where the materials to build the tank could have been bought, which gets them a lead not only on who but where. They go to the address where they were delivered and are met there by The Rookie: Feds’ Brendon and Laura. The two groups split up to look inside. There’s another tank inside with a body, blueprints, and other plans.

While they’re looking around, they spot the suspect and chase after him. He makes it to a spot where he has a switch planted for a bomb in the building. He detonates it, leading to the place going up in flames. He flees while the cops try to find a way out. They all make it out okay, and Nyla reveals that she saw the blueprints long enough that she knows where the generator is on the tank.

Stay tuned to our recap of the continuation of this crossover event on The Rookie: Feds later this week! After that, The Rookie will be back next Sunday, October 23 at 10 p.m. ET on ABC. Until then, check out our other coverage of the show!

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