‘The Rookie’ Recap: Season 5, Episode 3 “Dye Hard”

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While continuing some of the recent storylines, this week’s The Rookie reignites the hunt for Rosalind, Nolan starts training his first training, and more.

Celina’s First Day

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New rookie, Celina Juarez, has her first day. She’s being trained by Nolan as his first rookie. She gets off to a rough start with her unusual methods. Nolan struggles with how to go about training her and finding that line between being hard on her and giving her freedom. When Celina makes a traffic stop under the pretense of a “dark aura,” the pair end up in a tricky situation. The cause makes the stop unwarranted, but it reveals blood from a missing person in the trunk. They have to dismiss the evidence while finding a way to pursue the case still.

Nyla, who is back to work after having the baby and was working this case before the blood was found, tells them that they’re going to follow a lead about the grandson of the woman who was driving the car. They change into plain clothes and hit the streets for an on-foot operation.

Nolan and Celina end up getting into a disagreement because she’s sticking with her methods while he tries to explain why they don’t work. Later, Celina tells Nolan about a dream she had that leads to them checking out a location. At the location, they find the missing person. While helping her, Celina sees the suspect and starts chasing him. This leads to the pair getting separated and Nolan struggling to find her. While he looks for her, Celina gets caught in a hand-to-hand fight with the suspect. She holds her own until the guy manages to get on top and starts choking her. Luckily, Nolan finds them before it’s too late. Celina gets checked out and is okay.

After it all, Nolan looks at Celina’s files and learns that her sister was abducted from their yard when they were kids. It wasn’t the police that found her, but a psychic, which is why she believes so heavily in spiritual methods. Nolan explains to her that she has the skills to apply it all, but she believes the cause is the spiritual explanations she’s been pairing with them.

Officer Cop-Cake

With Lucy gone, Aaron has been acting as Tim’s aide. He tries to offer the role back to Lucy, but she insists that he keeps it and she wants to get used to riding on her own.

While on patrol with Tim, Aaron is on his phone the whole time and gets called out on it. He apologizes and explains to Tim that he’s being blackmailed. A photoshopped nude photo of him is being held over him after getting catfished on a dating app. The ransom is set for a PS5. He and Tim manage to find one and drop it outside the apartment they were supposed to, but stay waiting rather than leave. A kid opens the door, and they make it clear that he’ll be in big trouble if he doesn’t delete the photo and stop catfishing people. After he deletes it, they take the game console and leave.

Back at the station, a photoshopped image of Tim is now going around where it’s his head on a guy’s body with a cupcake covering the crotch and the title “Officer Cop-Cake.” He gets the paperwork to press charges on the kid and goes back to his apartment. Aaron and Tim tell the kid that he can either deal with the consequences of this or teach a computer literacy class at the community center once a week to make up for it.

A Message From Rosalind

ABC/Raymond Liu

After deciding to go to undercover school, Lucy returns home from the training to find that Chris has joined an online community trying to hunt down Rosalind. He’s tried giving it to the people working his case to look into, but they haven’t paid much mind to it so he asks Lucy to. Lucy is put off by the whole thing but agrees to look at it.

When she does look at it, she catches something that someone says in it reminds her of something that Rosalind said to Nolan. She brings it up and Matt Garza’s team from The Rookie: Feds track the message to being from Rosalind. They link it to a location in Seattle. Chris is mortified to learn that he’s been talking to her this whole time and all the information he shared while Lucy tries to comfort him.

Garza’s team plans to fly to Seattle to go after Rosalind and asks Lucy to join. When they raid the house that she’s supposed to be at, they find two people that have been violently murdered and the words “Better Luck Next Time” written on the wall in blood.

Lucy in Danger

While riding by herself, Lucy responds to a call and accidentally gets locked in a walk-in fridge. She tries to yell and radio for help but no one answers, and the radio isn’t working. She waits until Tim realizes he hasn’t heard her over the radio recently. He calls it in and learns she hasn’t been active in over two hours. He scolds the person on the other line as he gets her last known location and lets her out. She’s preoccupied with finding a lead on Rosalind though to really respond to his worry.

The Rookie will be back with a crossover event with The Rookie: Feds next Sunday, October 16 at 10 p.m. ET on ABC. Until then, check out our other coverage of the show!

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