‘The Rookie’ Recap: Season 5, Episode 2 “Labor Day”

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Last week’s wild season opener included Tim and Lucy blurring some lines while undercover as a couple in Vegas and Rosalind Dyer escaping leading to the near-death of Lucy’s boyfriend. Now, this week Lucy has to deal with the aftermath, Nyla goes into labor, and more!

The Aftermath

After getting home from the hospital with Chris, who is alive and well, she has someone from the school for undercover training show up to offer her a place in the next set of classes. She tries to decline because of everything that happened with Rosalind but agrees to think about it. Chris pushes her to go for it and insists that he’s fine. When she pushes back that she wants to be there for him because it’s her fault that Rosalind went after him, he tries to explain to her that not pursuing this is letting Rosalind take away another thing from her. Trying to consider it, Lucy goes to Nyla for advice, but Nyla is preoccupied with her impending labor and the suspicious neighbors across the street.

Later, at Chris’ request, Tim shows up at Lucy’s place to talk to her about it. They talk in the hall and Tim tells Lucy that she should go to undercover school and that everything that happened isn’t her fault. She starts to mention what they almost did with guilt clear on her conscience from it and Tim in a low yet firm tone points out that they didn’t actually do it though. Lucy’s focus shifts after that and she questions Tim about his motives being him not wanting her to be his “go-fer” anymore. He explains that’s not the case and that he’s looking out for Lucy and then he hesitates with a tense jaw, like he’s pained by what he says, and continues to tell her that “it’s time for her to move on.” She nods while clearly mad and replies finishing his thoughts with “and some time away would be good.” Tim reinforces that his point is she should take this great opportunity for herself before leaving a misty-eyed Lucy behind.

The Bradford Siblings Reunited

Tim’s sister, Genny, returns as they’re finally selling their family home after fixing it up. She holds a fairly successful open house. Later in the episode, she admits to Tim that she and her husband are getting a divorce. She also agrees that she wants to sell the house to whoever will pay the most, but Tim wants someone who will appreciate the sentiment of it, because divorce lawyers aren’t cheap and she’s about to be a single mom. She tells Tim as well that she’s thinking about moving out to L.A. and Tim is very supportive. The moment ends with a sweet and supportive hug between the siblings.

Training Officer John Nolan

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After receiving the golden ticket, Nolan takes the TO exam and scores a shocking 98%. He’s going to official training the following week, but in the meantime, Grey asks him to train Aaron since Nyla is on maternity leave. The pair hit the road and Nolan runs through the basics by asking Aaron questions he should know about the area and things he should be aware of. They get called to do a welfare check and discover a fellow officer in his car after what looks to be a suicide.

After some investigating, they find mysterious external injuries during the autopsy and learn from the victim’s ex-wife that he and his coworkers were being secretive and calling themselves “The Crew.” All of this leads Tim, Angela, Nolan, and Aaron to think that it might have been a staged murder. Tim talks to some of the coworkers that the ex-wife informed them about under the guise of him being the sergeant at the station that found the body and offering condolences. They all talk for a moment and it’s enough for Tim to believe they did it or were involved.

When they get a warrant to search the house, Tim and Angela find two of the officers that Tim spoke to are there. They arrest them for evidence tampering and alert Nolan of where the third one is headed. Aaron and Nolan rush to get there with Nolan pursuing through the backdoor while Aaron drives around to the front. Following a shootout, Nolan catches the guy as Aaron struggles to get over to him with a moving truck blocking the way.

At the end of the day, Nolan apologizes to Aaron for not being much of a training officer and Aaron tells him that he’s actually his favorite TO that he’s worked with because he teaches him by asking.

Nyla Gives Birth

At her due date, Nyla is prepared for home birth in her and James’ new house. The pair started moving in sooner than expected and don’t know their neighbors yet. While starting the early steps of their birthing plan, the neighbors across the street start playing loud rock music to Nyla’s dismay. James insists on going to talk to them, but it doesn’t do much, so Nyla goes over and tells them to turn the music down while showing her badge.

As the day progresses, they keep working on their birth plan but are interrupted again. This time it was by gunshots. Nyla calls it in, but Smitty responds and tells her it’s nothing. Now on edge, Nyla keeps trying to investigate what’s going on. She tries to enlist the help of Lucy, who’s too distracted by the possibility of undercover school. When Nyla sees what looks to be a body being moved, she gets closer to look into it but is almost made. Luckily James comes to her rescue and distracts them. Her water breaks while she’s there, but she manages to get away still.

Despite James repeatedly asking her to stop looking into it, she calls Grey to look into it. As Nyla is fully dilated, the alarm system alerts James that a window is open. He tells her to stay as he looks into it. Downstairs, he gets into a fight with the intruder as a second person, the neighbor, goes after Nyla. She hides in her birthing pool until she can get an advantage on him. As Grey pulls up outside of the house, shots ring through the upstairs. He calls from backup as he rushes in to help, finding James on the floor fighting off the other guy. After Grey saves James and starts arresting the guy, James runs upstairs to help Nyla only to find the neighbor sitting on the floor, putting pressure on a gunshot wound to his side, and Nyla sitting on the bed, holding their daughter. Grey gets the scene taken care of and cleared while the couple happily lays in bed with their daughter.

Wesley’s First Day

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Wesley officially starts his job at the DA’s office and it goes as well as one would expect. He’s assigned to go through cases and decide what ones will go to trial and what ones will be pleaded out. He gets through them rather quickly to Del Monte’s shock. When Del Monte asks the ratio of pleads to trial from the cases, Wesley reports zero to zero which Del Monte informs him isn’t an option. He tells Wesley that he needs to pick a case to charge by the end of the day because he wasn’t hired to give everyone free passes. After he leaves, Angela calls and asks Welsey to help on the case they’re working on.

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