‘Paola Santiago and the Sanctuary of Shadows’ by Tehlor Kay Mejia Out Now

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A long-awaited Middle Grade title from Rick Riordan Presents has finally been released! As of today, the latest Paola Santiago novel, Paola Santiago and the Sanctuary of Shadows, is available for your consumption! You can read the description for the novel below.

“Best-selling author Rick Riordan presents Tehlor Kay Mejia’s third chilling story based on Mexican folklore. This time Paola Santiago faces El Cucuy, aka the Boogeyman.

Paola Santiago has recently returned from Oregon, where she defeated the Hitchhiker ghost and saved her father from the vengeful spirit that was possessing him. The poor girl deserves a rest! But first, she has to rescue Dante from the void, where he’s been imprisoned by some unknown force. Even though Dante has turned against Pao, she can’t just leave him there — they’ve been friends for too long.

Paola’s prophetic dreams seem to have dried up, so she has to find other ways to locate a new rift where she can enter the void. Signs point to Texas, but how will she get there from Arizona? It just so happens that Emma’s new group of politically active friends, the Rainbow Rogues, are planning a field trip to San Antonio. It’s the perfect ruse for Paola if she can stand being with the judgmental girls for that many days…

Relying on her wits, training from the Ninos de la Luz, and the emotional support of her best friend Emma, Pao makes it into the void. Once there, she must face down not just one but two enemies: El Cucuy, the boogeyman … and someone even scarier who looks a lot like Pao herself.”

We can’t wait to see what this promising title has in store! You can order Paola Santiago and the Sanctuary of Shadows through various platforms, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and more. The book currently retails for $16.99. For a peek at what other novels are coming out of the imprint this year, make sure to check out our article detailing Rick Riordan’s upcoming projects. As always, stay tuned for more updates.

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