‘Bridgerton’ Welcomes Three New Characters to Season 3 As Filming Begins


Dearest Reader, this author is delighted to reveal the latest gossip from the upcoming social season. It seems our beloved Bridgerton’s will be joined by three new characters. Daniel Francis (Stay Close), Sam Phillips (The Crown), and James Phoon (Wreck) will all join the third season.

I have it on good authority that Francis will portray one Marcus Anderson, a charismatic individual who lights up any room he enters. It’s certain his presence this season will attract the eyes of certain marriage minded mama’s in towns. Next is Phillips as the Lord Debling, a genial lord with unusual interests, indeed. While he may be an eccentric personality for some on the ton, his wealth and noble title will undoubtedly turn the heads of young ladies this season. Finally, we have Phoon as Harry Dankworth whose handsomeness will surely make up for his lack of wit in the minds of many.

I will continue to sharpen my knives in preparation of our third season wherein Miss Penelope Featherington (Nicola Coughlan) relinquishes her affections for Mr. Colin Bridgerton (Luke Newton) after his utterly reproachful comments at the end of our previous season. As every young lady should, Miss Penelope will set her mind to finding a suitable match to respect her independence. Given the young lady’s wallflower nature, it’s highly likely this will hinder her search on the marriage market. For as we know, dear reader, it’s the prettiest bloom that captures the hearts and minds of the eligible bachelors.

Mr. Colin Bridgerton returns to the ton following yet another summer of travel with a few marked changes to both his appearance and attitude. He’ll find no love from Miss Featherington upon his return for she has more in her mind than entertaining his every thought. The sudden change will undoubtedly set Mr. Bridgerton’s to winning back her affections and assisting the shy young lady in her marriage mission. His diligent lessons on wooing the men of the ton work too well and Mr. Bridgerton is faced with the confusing conundrum of uncovering his own budding feelings.

It’s widely known that Miss Penelope Featherington and Miss Eloise Bridgerton had a most painful rift in their friendship last season. Such a break will have Miss Eloise finding a new friend in the most unlikely of places and Miss Penelope’s presence on the ton will make her own secret that much harder to protect.

Will the longstanding friendship between Mr. Bridgerton and Miss Featherington blossom into a deeper affection, or will the discerning eyes of the ton cause them to whither? Only time will tell, dear reader. My final note is a happy one. Below you will find the likenesses of our favorite social season characters announcing the joyous beginnings of the creation of season 3!

Rest assured I will continue to keep a sharp eye and even sharper quill at the ready as more sordid details become known.

Lady Whistledown

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