‘Roswell, New Mexico’ Recap: Season 4, Episode 6 “Kiss From A Rose”

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Roswell, New Mexico returned this week following the shocking cliffhanger of Michael passing out cold and Tezca’s plans advancing. Let’s dive right in to see what was revealed in the latest episode.

Michael Gets… Sick?

John Golden Britt/The CW

Everyone arrives to check on Michael after he passes out and Liz runs some tests. She finds that Michael has strep, the common cold and several strains of the flu all at once (ouch!). Luckily, Liz has a state of the art lab to run tests in where she and Shivani discover Michael has alien virus’ in his system not just the basic Earth version. It’s attacking the protein that makes the aliens, well alien, and they realize the kiss from Bonnie was to disable Michael not because of his charm.

Michael confronts Bonnie at the Sheriff’s office where she pulls him into mindscape for interrogation. She warns him that Clyde is preying on his desire to find home. She kissed him to save him from Clyde but Michael says she erased him not saved him. Unfortunately, Bonnie’s gift is permanent and Michael is now without any abilities. (Or at least until Liz finds a cure.) Resting soundly at home with Maria caring for him, she tells him that it’s ok to be normal even though he doesn’t want to be.

Dallas Follows the Clues

He might be under the weather but Michael is still a genius and is able to almost fix Dallas’ ruined glass piece. They are able to watch the recording of his message and see flashes of his necklace and a bible, one that Michael recognizes from Bonnie’s cave. With the bible located, Dallas meets with Isobel to dig into his subconscious and find the memory of the day in the glass. In it, his father tells him that the planted seeds and book could bring ruin to their home. Dallas notices that his father’s glasses reveal a hidden text within the pages of the bible. He now knows what is needed to understand the clues.

Mexico Gets Complicated

John Golden Britt/The CW

The morning after is more than a little awkward for Isobel and Michael. Isobel is spiraling about “ruining their friendship” and Kyle is clearly disappointed it was just a one time thing in Isobel’s mind. Sonya busts them the next morning as they get dressed but the light moment is ruined when Eduardo shows up to apologize to Sonya for leaving. Unsurprisingly she storms away.

With Isobel packed and ready to leave, Kyle makes his move and finally tells her he’s in love with her. It’s a huge moment and Isobel is overwhelmed. He tells her he’ll give her more time if she needs it, but Isobel refuses to ask him to wait. She’s not sure she can reciprocate but she does say “I can’t afford to lose you” before leaving. (Catch me screaming into the void until these two are a couple!)

Kyle finds Eduardo at the bar for the second time that day where he confesses he came clean to Isobel. Kyle also says he won’t be burying his feelings in his work any more and after a few warm words, he leaves as Sonya arrives. It seems the father and daughter might be on the right track to patch things up.

A Showdown at the Roswell Jail

John Golden Britt/The CW

Bonnie goes to Max for help after Tezca orders her to kill Michael. Bonnie tells him the alighting is already in motion though she doesn’t know anything about it. She speculates that Max and Liz are more like the glue that holds things together rather than puzzle pieces of the plan. Max’s anger at the situation is more than clear seeing as he turns into a low level Thor every time he grabs the jail cell bars.

With Max, Michael, and Bonnie at the jail Tezca’s arrival is a bit of a surprise. Bonnie gets Michael out of there when Tezca tries to kill him while Max holds her off. Thanks to the handprint connection Liz senses that Max might need help and fetches Arturo’s machete and Dallas before arriving at the jail and running Tezca through. The machete, coated with Bonnie’s virus, begins to neutralize Tezca’s abilities. She flees but not before they see her true form and she tells them that Liz and Max will change both their worlds.

It seems Max’s new power of fire is linked to more than anger, and he nearly burns Liz when he touches her (from love rather than fear or anger). Later that night as Liz sleeps, Max finds Bonnie outside by the fire where they chat. Max doesn’t want to let Tezca use his abilities and asks Bonnie to take away his powers. He’s willing to fight off the flu and give up his powers to be with Liz while also ruining Tezca’s plan. Bonnie agrees and kisses Max.

Liz immediately wakes up when she feels their connection break and watches the handprint fade.

Roswell, New Mexico airs Mondays on The CW. Be sure to check out all our coverage of the show here including recaps, synopses, and episodic photos as they become available.

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