‘The Umbrella Academy’ Recap: Season 3, Episode 8 “Wedding at the End of the World”


The Kugelblitz is bigger and badder than ever, but first, a wedding. Read on to find out what happens in episode 8 of The Umbrella Academy season 3, “Wedding at the End of the World.”

Hotel Obsidian

Turns out, Hotel Obsidian was built by none other than Sir Reginald Hargreeves (who we remember from last season is actually an alien) around a portal in the sky he’d sought out. That portal is what lies behind the secret door in the White Buffalo Suite. At the hotel’s grand opening event, he sent in a team to kill what lurked on the other side of the lighted tunnel. One returned barely alive but was able to mutter the words “all dead” before passing himself.

Why Us?

The Hargreeves are curious as to why they’re the last ones standing as the Kugelblitz has destroyed all but the block the hotel sits on. Ben knows it’s because they’re special, they’re the only ones with the ability to save the universe. But Five knows they’re too late. It’s over. They’ve spent the last 28 days saving the world from three different apocalypses (crazy it’s only been 28 days since Five returned to the Hargreeves in season 1) and each time they made it worse. He tells them that his 100-year-old self warned him not to save the world and he’s ready to hang up his Umbrella.

After that is when Luther and Sloane decide to announce their engagement to their siblings and they’re getting married that night.

It’s Too Late For Reggie

While he may have been able to kindle a relationship with Klaus, the others aren’t so forgiving of dear old dad. Luther rescinds Sloane’s invitation to their wedding, however, Ben is ready to fight, still working to gain approval. But Five has a statement that actually leaves Reggie shocked. He knows about Project Oblivion and he knows that Reggie is planning on gambling all of their lives.

When everyone disperses after Klaus hauls Reg away, Luther asks Viktor to be the best man at the wedding, to which Viktor accepts. It also turns out Ben is the only one not invited to Luther’s bachelor party.

Klaus is still trying to help him bond with the others and he convinces Reg to still attend the wedding tonight as dad and not a boss.

Luther’s Bachelor Party

Karaoke. Need there be more? The perfect send-off to the Earth as we know it is the Hargreeves singing and dancing together, particularly a duet featuring Klaus and Five. Luther also convinces Viktor to talk to Allison, he doesn’t want her to be alone at the end of it all.

Ben is still upset he didn’t get an invite, and in a conversation with Sloane she makes it clear that he’s more upset about being left out of the festivities than anything else that’s going on. They’re the only two Sparrows remaining, but after her marriage, she’ll be considering herself an Umbrella as she tells Ben he’s now Number 1 of one.

The Wedding

In a ceremony officiated by the best of choices — Klaus — Sloane and Luther are “married as shit” here at the end of the world.

Klaus is still trying to convince Luther to give dad a chance, and Luther still isn’t having it. Then, Reggie walks in. He sits alone, but Lila requests a formal invitation. Lila and Reg hit it off and Reggie congratulates Diego on the catch and tells him he’d have made a superb father.

Seemingly on a mission to unite the families, Klaus goes to Ben next and chats with him, lending a listening ear as a very drunk Ben vents about his frustration with not being invited to the bachelor party and how the Umbrellas like their Ben so much but not him.

Reggie makes a speech about Sloane as Viktor tries to reconcile with Allison at Luther’s request. Allison doesn’t accept Viktor’s apology, but Reggie delivers quite the sensational speech that seems to land with the others.

They all gather outside, Ben now welcomed into the group, to marvel at the swirling orange Kugelblitz as one big family. That is, until Five takes off with his stomach churning threatening to hurl. As he returns to his room, he stumbles across a plant to empty his stomach into a plant right across from the White Buffalo Suite. And there, he sees Reg solidifying a deal with someone before passing out in the elevator.

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