‘All American: Homecoming’ Recap: Season 1, Episode 12 “Confessions”

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In this week’s episode of All American: Homecoming, Damon’s mom pops up on him while he has a tough decision to make. Simone and Thea face off against their opponents. Keisha fights for what she wants, and Coach Marcus has an outburst that depletes his team, and Amara devises a plan to help Bringston.

Truth and Consequences

Damon’s mom, Keena, comes to visit her son during Homecoming week. He has a dilemma on his hands about whether or not he should tell Keena that he’s met his birth mother. JR encourages Damon to tell his mother the whole truth. Finally telling his mother that his birth mother is Celine, Keena is left stunned and in denial. She asks Damon for space as Damon feels guilty for revealing the truth to his mother. They patch things up after Damon explains to Keena that even though Celine is his birth mother, she’ll always be his mom and nothing will change that.

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Mental Health Matters

Marcus and his paranoia has gotten worse. When Ralph shows back up, Marcus has another outburst when it’s revealed that he is the leak behind the cheating scandal. Damon and JR try to calm him down to no avail. In a fit of rage, Marcus fires his staff when he thinks they’ve been snitching on him to Ralph. Marcus’ behavior causes a rift with the baseball team as Damon and JR seem to be the only ones who care. Marcus leaves Amara a goodbye voicemail that was also a suicide attempt, leaving Amara stunned.

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I Choose You

With Keisha still on her self-care journey which is still intact, she feels as if it’s time for her to go for what she wants. She decides to tell Cam how she really feels. She tries to tell him and gets nervous. Keisha and Simone confide in each other in regards to Cam and Damon. Later, in a convo with a female friend, Cam realizes that Keisha is the one for him. Cam and Keisha meet where Keisha reads him her self-care letter, and she finally confesses her feelings for him.

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The episode ends with Simone finding out she didn’t make the top 6 in tennis and her career at Bringston is over for the semester. Thea is hiding that she knows about Jordan and Simone’s breakup from  Damon. The group gathers at Amara’s home to discuss how they can save Bringston.

Catch the season finale of All American: Homecoming on The CW Monday, May 23 at 9 p.m. ET/PT. Stay tuned for our continued coverage of the series, including episodic recaps and more!

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