Monday, March 20, 2023

Thora Birch’s New Thriller Podcast ‘Overleaper’ Premiering May 5

PODCASTSThora Birch's New Thriller Podcast 'Overleaper' Premiering May 5

Podcast fans will be very excited to hear there is a new show on the horizon. For those who are not aware, Realm is an audio entertainment company that tops the charts with fictional podcasts. Today they released a trailer for their newest show, Overleaper, starring Thora Birch.

Overleaper is a thrilling story of espionage that follows an American soldier who is faced with the job of stopping her doppelganger’s nefarious plans. Special Forces Sergeant Audrey Beach is a very determined career-centered soldier voiced by Birch. Listeners will know Birch very well, especially us 90’s kids, from Hocus Pocus and more recently from The Walking Dead.

When Sergeant Audrey Beach’s doppelganger crosses into our universe, it is to execute a plan no one will see coming. This podcast will have twists and turns that will cross over into multiple dimensions and across political borders. This will undoubtedly be a heart-pounding nonstop action ride that will have listeners on the edge of their seats! Will the real Sergeant Beach be able to save her daughter, reputation, and the president’s life, from her Overleaper?

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The premiere episode of Overleaper will be released May 5 on all podcast platforms. The following nine episodes will be released weekly. Written by Sam Boush, Overleaper is produced for Realm Studios with Diana Pho, Fred Greenhalgh, and Hayley Wagreich. Fred Greenhalgh leads as director and executive produced by Molly Barton, Marci Wiseman, and Julian Yap. Be sure to follow Nerds & Beyond to stay up to date on any new news!

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