Princess Goes to the Butterfly Museum Announces ‘Ketamine Remixes’ EP + Releases Remix With The Armed

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Following their successful North American headline tour, Princess Goes to the Butterfly Museum (Michael C. Hall, Peter Yanowitz, Matt Katz-Bohen) have announced the Ketamine Remixes EP, set to release on Friday, May 13. The release follows the day after their sold-out show in New York City. Along with the announcement, the group teamed up with Detroit band The Armed to release “Ketamine (Ultrapop Remix).” Listen to it here.

Ketamine” was the first single Princess Goes released from their self-titled debut EP. Since then, it has received two remixes from Brandon Bost and Pihka Is My Name. Most recently it was featured in the episode 5 end credits of Dexter: New Blood, which stars Michael C. Hall as the titular antihero.

About “Ketamine (Ultrapop Remix),” The Armed frontman Dan Greene said:

“ULTRAPOP is more than a critically-acclaimed, game-changing, genre-defining album. It is a language. It is a tool set. It is its own vernacular. This adaptation of ‘Ketamine’ is an exercise in translation. And in the spirit of the dialect, the result is all things, at once. It is delicate and earnest. It is exhilarating. Terrifying. It is excessive and ruthless.”

Princess Goes’ drummer Peter Yanowitz said:

“We three are all big fans of The Armed and their album ULTRAPOP. It’s been on constant rotation since it came out a year ago. When we reached out to Dan Greene on Instagram, he was honest about how utterly mangled our song would get in the meat grinder of their immense creativity. We were prepared for something different, and boy did they exceed even our high expectations. For us it was a dream to have a band we admire so much collaborate on something we made. This is such an imaginative, explosive odyssey that they took ‘Ketamine’ on, so all we can do is sit back and tip our hats in awe.”

The Ketamine Remixes EP will consist of four tracks:

  1. “Ketamine (Brandon Bost Remix)”
  2. “Ketamine (Pihka Is My Name Remix)”
  3. “Ketamine (The Armed Remix)”
  4. “Ketamine (DJ Lauren Flax Remix)”

In February 2021, Princess Goes released their debut album Thanks for Coming, which earned widespread critical acclaim. In March, they released a music video for their song “Sideways,” which was unique in that they included an interactive aspect. The video was shot against a green screen, and the band made the video files available to fans to let them create their own version. The video was a collaboration between Peter and Andy Yanowitz, directed by Dylan Mars Greenberg. Find the official “Sideways” music video and the rest of Princess Goes’ music videos on their YouTube channel.

Along with the “Ketamine” remixes, the band is currently working on new music, though no release dates are yet known. Stay tuned for more updates as they become available. In the meantime, stream Princess Goes to the Butterfly Museum now on Apple Music and Spotify. Keep up with them on Instagram and Twitter.

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