Peacock Announces Live-Action ‘Casper’ Series

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Peacock streaming service is giving 90’s kids a reason to rejoice! Our favorite friendly ghost Casper has his own live-action television series in the work for Peacock.

Way back in the 1940s, Casper the Friendly Ghost was first released in animated shorts and a comic series. Years later, viewers saw the first live-action version of Casper alongside Christina Ricci. The movie soon became a favorite of fans and spawned several more films. Still today, around Halloween time, you can find Casper on television.

Universal Pictures

It seems this series will have a different tone than what we have seen before. This will be a complete reimagining of the origins of Casper as a horror adventure mystery type of genre, via Variety. The small town of Eternal Falls will have an awakening when a new family arrives. The storyline will explore coming of age and the question of what it means to be alive. Soon Casper will find himself uncovering a mystery and secrets that have been buried for one hundred years.

This series is being written and produced by Kai Yu Wu. Wu has worked on shows like The Flash and Hannibal. UCP and DreamWorks Animation are set to be co-producers. Make sure to follow Nerds & Beyond to stay up to date.

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