Monday, March 20, 2023

Louden Swain’s New Album ‘Foolish’ Released Today

MUSICLOUDEN SWAINLouden Swain's New Album 'Foolish' Released Today

Louden Swain has released a brand new album today, titled Foolish. Over the last year, the band has been releasing new singles periodically leading up to the release of their new album.

This is the newest album from the band, which consists of Rob Benedict, Billy Moran, Michael Borja, and Stephen Norton, since their acoustic album Splitting the Seams was released in 2018.

Swain has also released a bunch of new merchandise to go along with the album release which you can see here. The album is available across multiple retailers, including Swain’s website.

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Congrats to Louden Swain on the release of their new album!

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