‘Bridgerton’ Recap: Season 2, Episode 8 “The Viscount Who Loved Me”


It’s the season 2 finale of Netflix’s hit regency drama Bridgerton, with an episode aptly named after the novel that this season is based on — “The Viscount Who Loved Me.”

Kate’s accident

We pick back up right where the previous episode left off, following Kate’s disastrous fall from the horse. Anthony rushes over to her in the pouring rain to find her motionless on the ground. She’s bleeding. He brings her back to Lady Danbury’s and he rushes inside, soaking wet with Kate tucked into his arms. Anthony is a frantic mess, panicked and wracked with guilt, and the surgeon urges him aside so that he can get to work.

The Whistledown investigation continues

Much to Eloise’s surprise, Theo sends her a note hidden inside of a book. She goes to visit him, and she’s upset that he waited so long to tell her that Lady Whistledown was using the print shop after all. Theo explains that he didn’t want to push her away, but he had to in order to protect her. Whistledown has taken her business elsewhere now, though. Eloise proposes that they work together on the investigation to uncover who she is once and for all.

Armed with the knowledge that Lady Whistledown’s notes arrive sewn into silks, Eloise stops in to see Madame Delacroix. She immediately launches into an interrogation, but the modiste vehemently denies the accusations. They’re interrupted by the arrival of the Featheringtons, and Penelope discreetly tells Eloise to meet her outside. Eloise is excited to tell her friend that she knows for certain that she found the print shop that Whistledown was using. Penelope tries to throw her off the scent by warning her that there has been gossip about Eloise fraternizing with a man from the lower classes, so she shouldn’t see Theo anymore. She then puts her foot down, trying to push Eloise further from the truth, stating that she no longer wants to hear her friend talk about Lady Whistledown.

Ignoring Pen’s warnings, Eloise returns to see Theo, and they continue to mull over the notorious gossip writer’s identity. At one point, they accidentally drop a pile of papers to the floor, and both of them bend down to pick them up at the same time. The stare into one another’s eyes, and Theo leans in to kiss her, but Eloise pulls away. Shaken, she tells him that they can’t continue to meet like this, because she couldn’t live with herself if he has to face consequences for it. Theo is upset, and Eloise watches tearfully as he leaves the room.

Kate wakes up

Kate finally wakes up while Edwina is sitting at her beside. Her sister calls for her mother and Lady Danbury, the latter of which tells Kate that Anthony was the one that brought her back to the house after her accident. Unfortunately, he hasn’t stopped in to visit her since. She can’t hide the disappointment on her face.

Over at the Bridgerton household, Lady Bridgerton informs Anthony that she has heard Kate has finally woken up. Anthony is overcome with emotion, unable to suppress it. His mother then launches into an apology for all that Anthony has had to endure since the death of his father. Anthony tearfully tells her that he doesn’t think that he can see Kate, and he cries as his mother reminds him that real true love is worth it. He cannot lose her.

When Anthony finally visits Kate, flowers in hand, things are awkward between them. He explains that he intended to call on her the morning after their tryst; he wanted to apologize, because he took liberties, and she deserved so much more than that. He then asks Kate to marry him, but Kate declines, telling him that she intends to return to India once she resolves matters with Edwina.

Important conversations

Kate has two incredibly important, much-needed conversations later. First with Edwina, who outright tells her that they both need to stop playing a part. They must get to know themselves for once in their lives. Afterward, Kate’s mother finally acknowledges how much Kate took on after her father died. She assures Kate that although she isn’t her daughter by blood, she has always loved her like one. Kate admits to her that she turned down Anthony’s marriage proposal because she believes he asked her out of obligation. He does not love her.

The truth of the Art Academy

Luke Thompson as Benedict Bridgerton in Bridgerton
Liam Daniel/Netflix

One evening at the Art Academy, Rupert walks in and is impressed by Benedict’s painting skills. He admits that he believed he was just there to party, and Benedict is upset to learn that he was accepted into the school because Anthony offered up a large donation.

Colin catches Lord Featherington

Nicola Coughlan as Penelope Featherington, Luke Newton as Colin Bridgerton in Bridgerton
Liam Daniel/Netflix

Colin purposely dances with Cressida Cowper at the Featherington Ball and convinces her that the clasp on her necklace from Lord Featherington is broken. He offers to have it mended, when in reality he wants to prove that it’s fake. He pulls Penelope into a private room to share as much, explaining that the man is nothing but a charlatan. Lord and Lady Featherington find them alone, and Colin immediately launches accusations at the former.

After Colin and Pen leave the room, Lord Featherington tells Lady Featherington that they must catch the first ship to the Americas the next day. In doing so, he’ll also no longer have to go through with his proposal to Prudence, which leaves other possibilities open for the future. They kiss.

However, Lord Featherington’s grand scheme reaches its last leg when Lady Featherington later informs him that she’s instructed the maids to pack up all of his things. He’s going back to America … alone. He’s made it clear that he doesn’t care about her daughters, and she’ll be sticking with them, not him. She also kindly lets him know that she’s taken the liberty of having a document forged to ensure that the first son born to one of her daughters will inherit the Featherington estate.

Kate follows her heart

Simone Ashley as Kate Sharma, Charithra Chandran as Edwina Sharma in Bridgerton
Liam Daniel/Netflix

Edwina urges Kate not to avoid Anthony all night at the ball, because she needs to follow her heart. When Anthony approaches her, he notes that they should continue to keep their distance, but Kate surprises him when she disagrees. They make their way to the dance floor, despite the stares that follow them. Across the room, Queen Charlotte smiles as she watches them, and she is quick to quell the whispers that have begun to crop up beside her. After ushering everyone to get back onto the dance floor, the queen asks Edwina if she’s told her about her nephew yet. He’s a prince … and he’s available.

As Kate and Anthony dance, they’re drawn together like magnets, nearly kissing right there in front of everyone. However, they’re interrupted when Lady Featherington tells everyone to go outside for a surprise. Anthony finds Kate outside, and he asks her if she’s still going to India. He goes on to admit that he didn’t come and see her after the accident because he was afraid of losing her. And then, finally, Anthony tells Kate that he loves her, and he wants to marry her because he can’t imagine his life without her. Kate says yes to his proposal this time, and they kiss beneath the fireworks.

A secret revealed, friendship lost

Penelope is riding on a high after her dance with Colin, and she makes her way back to her room. She finds Eloise already in there, and it seems her friend has discovered the secrets that she hides under the floorboards. Eloise has finally solved the mystery — Penelope is Lady Whistledown. When Pen began to share gossip about the party with her earlier, the final piece had slotted into place for Eloise. Penelope tries to talk her down, but Eloise is furious. The damage is done.

Penelope tries to look for Eloise after she leaves, but she ends up overhearing an unfortunate conversation instead. Colin is standing with a group of guys, who are teasing him for dancing with her. He assures them that he would never dream of courting Penelope Featherington.

Happy endings

The episode closes with an epilogue that takes place six months after Anthony and Kate’s wedding, and they can hardly keep their hands off of one another now that they can truly be together. Unfortunately, the viscount and the viscountess must put some clothes on, because the Bridgerton family is waiting for them outside at Aubrey Hall for another exciting game of Pall Mall. The couple has been away travelling since the wedding, and everyone is thrilled to finally have them back at home. Par for the course, Anthony and Kate still lovingly bicker, but now they can resolve it with a kiss (and more).

All eight episodes of Bridgerton season 2 are now streaming on Netflix. Follow along with our episodic recaps, and make sure to check out our review!

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