‘9-1-1’ Recap: Season 5, Episode 11 “Outside Looking In”

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After a winter hiatus, FOX’s flagship series 9-1-1 is finally back! The 118 is looking a tad different with some newbies in replacement of Eddie and Chimney, and Eddie is settling into his new job. At the same time, Athena and the 118 deal with a terrifying and daring rescue where Buck meets someone new.

Keep reading to find out what happened in the spring premiere of 9-1-1, “Outside Looking In.”

Eddie’s New Role

A montage gives us a look at what Eddie has been up to since leaving the 118, including his morning routine with Christopher and his new job at the call center. He is the LAFD Liaison and also posts updates on the LAFD Metro Twitter, sending out press releases and more. The montage shows Eddie doing the same thing every single day, and each day he gets more and more tired of it.

While having dinner with Christopher, Buck and Taylor, Eddie tries to avoid talk surrounding returning to the firehouse. However, it doesn’t last long as Buck immediately knows something is wrong.

“You don’t need to pretend with me.”

Buck knows that Eddie isn’t happy, despite him saying he likes what he’s doing. But it’s not what he’s supposed to be doing. Eddie is still a firefighter, and Buck needs to move on.

After Eddie helps on a call, Josh finds him and tells him that while he did a good job, he could have come to him with his concerns. Eddie is a liaison, not a dispatcher. He tells Eddie to never highjack calls again, and Eddie apologizes.

Once a Firefighter, Always a Firefighter


Christopher wakes up to find Eddie in the kitchen, contemplating his life choices. He tells his dad that he misses being a firefighter, and of course, he’s right. While Christopher said it was scary, Eddie is brave, and he can be brave too.

The following morning, Eddie shows up at Bobby’s house with a form requesting his transfer back to the 118. Eddie is ready to come home. Bobby is trying to understand what’s changed, and Eddie admits it’s been a rough few months. Bobby talks about his wellbeing, and Eddie just wants back on the job. He is just concerned for Eddie, wanting him to talk to someone, but Eddie isn’t listening. He just wants his job back, not a mental health check. Eddie says he can go to another house, and Bobby mentions that if he’s looking for a recommendation to not come to him. Eddie doesn’t like that Bobby has essentially turned on him after everything he’s done for him and tells him to go to Hell. Am I sensing the season 3 lawsuit story all over again?

A Terrifying Car Ride


A family is driving along the freeway and receives an ominous call about a bomb in their truck. If they drive below 55 mph, the bomb will go off. The unknown caller mentions personal things about their lives, so the dad calls 9-1-1.

Athena is dispatched, as well as the 118 and 147. Since they can’t defuse the bomb, as it’s under the car, the 118 and 147 drive beside the truck on either side and match its speed. Buck and Ravi go on top of the firetruck, and the 147’s Lucy Donato does the same on her truck. Lucy jumps on the back of the pickup, and Buck does the same.

With the ladder extended, Buck and Lucy slowly start to get the family out of the pickup. Back at the call center, Eddie watches it all go down on the news, and he realizes something. He gets on the call and tells them that there is likely a pressure sensor somewhere. Eddie asks the driver to look around for anything that looks out of place, and sure enough, there’s a pressure switch by the gas pedal. And they don’t have much time, as they are heading right into construction.

The mom offers to switch places, the boys have their dad. She doesn’t have the best mother-in-law, and Athena mentions how her mother treated her husband pretty similarly, until he asked her for help so she can feel needed. The mom gives in and gets out of the truck. Lucy, however, goes back in with some rope and tools and the dad comes out, with Lucy following behind. Once all are safely on the ladder, the truck drives into construction and seconds later, explodes.

Solving the Bombing


Athena responds to a call about a man’s front yard being filled with junk and useless items. Though soon, it turns into something more. Coincidentally, the family involved with the car bomb lives across the street. The mother tells Athena more about “Trash Can Kurt” and how they offered to clean up and filed a court order for him to clean up, but nothing worked. Athena starts putting the pieces together about the car bomber, that he knew things about them, where they lived. It was almost as if he lived right across the street and was looking in.

Athena has the mother go inside and lock the doors. She pursues Trash Can Kurt, along with a few other officers. When she opens the door, the house is filled with trash and trip wires. She slowly makes her way through the house and pushes some boxes forward and on to Kurt. The bomber suspect is in custody.

A New Daredevil in Town


After making the daring rescue, Lucy hangs out with the 118 and other firefighters at a bar, sans Eddie who makes a quick getaway after seeing his friends so happy. Buck and Lucy are soon left alone and playing pool, getting to know each other more and drinking margaritas. Buck tries his hardest to avoid getting into an Uber with her and Lucy admits she likes seeing him squirm. The two of them get closer and Lucy kisses him, and Buck kisses back.

A Mistake Has Been Made

Hen and a drunk Buck take an Uber together and Buck explains what happened with him and Lucy. At first he says that he said no and that he has a girlfriend and walked away, but then feels guilty and admits to what he did. Hen initially tells Buck to be honest with Taylor, but then she retracts it and says that unless he plans on kissing Lucy again, no harm no foul. However, knowing how bad of a liar Buck is, Hen changes her mind and tells him that he needs to tell Taylor.

“You’re making me nauseous. I’m going to need you to pick a side.”

In the morning, Buck beings to delicately tell Taylor about him and Lucy, noting that things have been great between them and he would never intentionally do anything to hurt her. Instead of admitting what happened, Buck blurts out that he thinks she should move in with him, and Taylor says yes.

When Buck tells Hen, she is less than enthusiastic, knowing that once they live together, they will have nowhere to run separately. At least Buck doesn’t have to ever see Lucy again …

118 Newbies

Bobby is struggling to find replacements for Chimney and Eddie that won’t be for just a day or two, going over numerous personnel files.

One replacement that hasn’t been working out too well, at least for Hen, is Jonah Greenway. Hen had made a joke at a call that Jonah’s nickname is Monday, since he won’t last longer than a day, so Jonah makes the same joke and mentions he’s more of a Tuesday when he comes back the following day. He also tries to call Bobby “Cap” but he is Hen’s Cap, and Jonah is just the temp.

“So don’t make yourself too comfortable.”

Hen tries to discuss the situation with Bobby until they’re interrupted by Buck, who voices his concerns about Eddie. His transfer is supposed to be temporarily, like Chimney, he’s supposed to come back. Hen mentions they are both coming back. Buck mentions that he had dinner with Eddie, and he just seemed different.

Building a Magical Team


Bobby tells Hen to just give Jonah “Monday” a chance, and Jonah tells Hen that he’s just nervous because of the 118, working with Hen, it’s the assignment everyone wants. Hen admits he’s a very good paramedic ,but it’s not about him. She just misses her best friend, and Jonah can’t replace that. Jonah is going to try to earn her respect and not replace Chimney.

At home, Athena finds Bobby once again looking through the personnel files, it’s like Bobby is a matchmaker. Three months of blind dates and still no match, at least no one that Buck or Hen approve of.

“They’re just not ready to move on.”

Athena, being Athena, once again gives Bobby some wise advice, noting that the 118 wasn’t always perfect. Bobby built that magical and special team, and he’s going to do it again.

At the firehouse, Bobby makes an announcement that Jonah is officially the 118’s new paramedic. Buck tries to be a better Buck and look on the bright side, though that changes when Lucy is also welcomed to the 118.

9-1-1 airs on FOX on Mondays at 8 p.m. ET/PT. Stay tuned for our continued coverage on the series, including episodic recaps and more!

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