Emotions Begin to Unravel in Teaser for ‘The Time Traveler’s Wife’


Get your tissues ready, because Steven Moffat’s series adaptation of The Time Traveler’s Wife is coming soon.

Directed by David Nutter and based on the novel by Audrey Niffenegger, The Time Traveler’s Wife details the intricate, magical, and emotional love story between Clare Abshire (Rose Leslie) and Henry DeTamble (Theo James), a couple with a huge problem in their marriage … time travel.

Clare is fiery, clever, and unstoppable. At the age of six, she meets an imaginary friend: a kind and funny man, sometimes old, sometimes young, who appears in the woods behind her house and tells her tales of the future. As the years pass and Clare grows older, she eventually realizes that Henry is a time traveler, and she has a literal date with destiny. One day she’s going to meet a young man called Henry DeTamble, whom she’ll know very well but who won’t recognize her at all, and she will become the time traveler’s wife.

Henry has been a time traveler since he was eight, but it’s not quite as convenient as it sounds. It’s a condition that he can’t control. He can lose his grip on the current moment — sometimes for no reason at all — and suddenly fall into the past or future without warning, stuck there for an indeterminate amount of time. But one day his dangerous life is inexplicably changed when he meets a beautiful redhead in the library where he works. He’s never met her before, but Clare Abshire claims that she’s known him for her entire life.

The first teaser trailer for the show has finally been released.

The Time Traveler’s Wife also stars Desmin Borges, Natasha Lopez, Caitlin Shorey, Everleigh McDonell, Brian Altemus, Jason David, Michael Park, Jaime Ray Newman, Taylor Richardson, Peter Graham, Kate Siegel, Josh Stamberg, Chelsea Frei, Marcia DeBonis, Will Brill, and Spencer House.

Niffenegger’s 2003 novel was first adapted into a film in 2009, which starred Rachel McAdams and Eric Bana.

The six-episode first season of The Time Traveler’s Wife will premiere on HBO and be available to stream on HBO Max this May. An exact release date has not yet been confirmed.

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