‘Human Resources’ Review: A Delightful Addition to the ‘Big Mouth’ Universe

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From the creators of Netflix’s hit original Big Mouth comes a new adult animated series, Human Resources. This upcoming comedy serves as a spin-off and brings viewers into the lives of the creatures. It revisits familiar creatures such as Hormone Monsters, Lovebugs, and Shame Wizards, as well as introduces new ones. It follows the characters as they help various humans while dealing with workplace and personal issues. Nick Kroll, Maya Rudolph, David Thewlis, and Keke Palmer reprise their Big Mouth roles. Other cast includes Aidy Bryant, Randall Park, Brandon Kyle Goodman, Hugh Jackman, Helen Mirren, and Ali Wong, among others.

One of Big Mouth’s greatest assets is its plethora of different creatures. So being able to see more of their inner workings through Human Resources was a delight. The show follows through in its promise to expand upon the previously established world. Viewers get to see the creatures thrive in their work environment. Additionally, not only does HR reiterate what makes the creatures so special, but it also brings them to a more relatable level for viewers. Regardless of their absurd nature, they still face very human problems and feelings. They’re grounded in just enough reality so that viewers can see parts of themselves reflected at them.

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Another forte of Human Resources is how adept the writers are at creating episodes that will make viewers go from laughing to crying (and back to laughing) in under 30 minutes. With adults as the core humans comes more adult challenges spanning from birth to death. The show hits on first-time motherhood, taking into consideration many of the less glamourous aspects that lie beyond a cute infant to coo over. It hits on shame, maternal love (and the struggle to find it), and post-partum depression. On the other end, it explores death and grief through the loss of a parent, and how even as an adult, it’s in no way easier. The show also puts love on display in various forms, allowing its characters to experience the highs and lows, regardless of how it manifests. And what works so well in all these aspects is that neither the creatures nor humans are ever on the sidelines. And neither group necessarily hogs the stage; whatever purpose they have in the show works in harmony.

Human Resources is the perfect show for Big Mouth fans. Though it works with similar conventions as its predecessor, it holds its own to create something unique. It balances gloriously raunchy content with heavier, more emotional moments. Human Resources remains, first and foremost, a comedy; however, the writers refuse to shy away from the all too present reality about the challenges that come with being human. They fill each episode with sincerity and create a fun workplace comedy. Human Resources is a binge-in-a-day type of show that not only offers plenty of absurd entertainment, but also understands its audience on a deeper level. It’s humorous, earnest, and absolutely worth watching.

Human Resources releases on Netflix on March 18. Watch the trailer below.

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