Review: ‘House of Gucci’ Available on DVD and Blu-ray Today!


House of Gucci, from director Ridley Scott, stars Lady Gaga, Adam Driver, Al Pacino, Jared Leto, and Salma Hayek. House of Gucci is inspired by the lives of the Gucci family and based on the book The House of Gucci: A Sensational Story of Murder, Madness, Glamour, and Greed by Sara Gay Forden.

The cast of the film is incredible — and just what you’d expect by the notable names attached. Driver plays the quiet Maurizio brilliantly, and his acting speaks volumes with so few words. It’s incredible to see him in the beginning, seemingly wanting nothing to do with the family business, to the way he is towards the end, right before his assassination. To Driver’s quiet Maurizio, Lady Gaga is the loud and outspoken Patrizia. She does a fantastic job of portraying Patrizia, and the downfall of her relationship with Maurizio. The film does a great job of showing their relationship from the beginning, through the demise and ultimately Patrizia’s involvement in Maurizio’s death. Al Pacino stands out as Aldo, and Jared Leto is unrecognizable as Paolo. Both are solid performances, as are Jeremy Irons and Salma Hayek.

The story is a sad, crime tale, of the Gucci family history. It’s an interesting look into a name we all recognize today but might not know the story behind. While the film was incredible, I wish they also would have focused more on the aftermath of Maurizio’s death; the trial, and what happened to everyone further, instead of letting those be reduced to sentences on the screen. The film was shot true to the story in Italy, which made the locations and backdrop breathtaking and authentic. Whether it was the beautiful homes of the Gucci family or the city, the location almost played like a character itself. The music was the perfect addition to the film and really set the tone for the time period. We’d be remiss not to mention the costumes, either, which were beautiful. In the DVD/Blu-ray, which is available now, one of the bonus features includes a featurette about styling House of Gucci, and it’s a great watch. With a story about Gucci, you’d have to expect the costuming to be well done. It was so much more than that — it was so brilliant and every single actor was dressed impeccably.

As the film was so high-profile, there were many photos from the paparazzi, fans, and more released during filming. However, the bonus feature, The Rise of the House of Gucci: Making of, gives you an inside glimpse at the making of this incredible film. There are interviews from Ridley Scott as well as the cast, about getting into character, which gives you a good look at how it all came together.

Another bonus feature, The Lady of the House, takes you alongside Lady Gaga with interviews about her transformation into Patrizia. The digital version also has a Gentleman of the House feature, which shows Driver’s transformation into Maurizio.

Make sure to check it out now. The DVD/Blu-ray is available in stores near you or on retailers online such as Amazon.

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