Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Billie Piper Is Back for More Adventures With Big Finish

PODCASTSBIG FINISHBillie Piper Is Back for More Adventures With Big Finish

On Valentine’s Day, Big Finish gave us a Rose!

The audio drama company just announced that Billie Piper will be back as Rose Tyler two more times in The Dimension Cannon series.

The first volume of Rose Tyler’s adventures in Pete’s World was released in 2019 and fans have been hoping for more stories. The wait will soon be over. A second volume called Other Worlds will be released in October 2022 and the third volume, Trapped, in September 2023.

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The Dimension Cannon series follows Rose, her family and friends during her search for The Doctor after the stars start to go out.

The plot of the new adventures are not yet known. Camille Coduri and Mark Benton are joining Billie Piper as Jackie Tyler and Clive Finch.

The news was announced earlier on Twitter:

Rose Tyler: The Dimension Cannon 2: Other Worlds and Rose Tyler: The Dimension Cannon 3: Trapped are available to pre-order on Big Finish website as CD or digital download. Listeners can save money by buying a bundle of the two volumes.

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