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The first official trailer for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness dropped and there was a lot to take in. Mystery voices, cameos, Doctor Strange in a lot of trouble thanks to himself, it had it all. But what does it all mean? Well, the Marvel Universe as we know it is about to change forever, that’s a certainty.

A few things have been confirmed, including the introduction of the Multiverse-hopping Young Avenger America Chavez and the return of Wanda Maximoff, but so much of just what is happening here is still a mystery. I’ve chosen a few noteworthy things from the newest trailer to point out!

There are theories and potential spoilers for the film ahead! So read with caution if you don’t want to go in with any expectations or theories.

Wanda Goes Bad

Needless to say, Wanda isn’t happy. Last time we saw the Scarlet Witch, she was hiding in the mountains in the post-credits scene of WandaVision, studying all the knowledge the Darkhold had to offer. Clearly, her time with Marvel’s equivalent of the Book of the Damned has paid off.

Remembering the scene in the teaser, first released in the Spider-Man: No Way Home post-credits scene, we remember Dr. Strange seeking Wanda out for her input on the Multiverse. He finds her in a meticulously arranged orchard where we assume is her mountain retreat. However, things look different here in the official trailer. While we do see Wanda in her orchard once again, helping Strange with his massive universal problem, later we get a flash of a different situation, but the same setting and timeframe.

It’s clear that somehow that peaceful orchard scene turns into something more sinister, because while Wanda looks different — now in her superhero getup — Strange is still dressed the same, and the trees are still very much behind him. Wanda is less than pleased that Strange is made a hero for bending reality, while she was vilified, and no doubt her time with that book is probably messing with her head a bit.

Is the Orchard an illusion? Probably. Is she about to go mess stuff up on an entirely new level that no one has ever seen? I hope so.

Live-Action Marvel Zombies

Marvel Studios

Another What If…? storyline is coming to live-action. While we saw Sorcerer Supreme Strange from the animated series in the teaser (referred to as Sinister Strange in the trailer’s closed captions), and what we assume is Captain Carter’s shield on the newest poster, a third aspect of What If…? is coming to the film: the zombies. In the official trailer, only Zombie Strange is seen, but in the TV spot that aired during the Super Bowl, we also got a taste of Zombie Wanda, and she’s clearly going to be as formidable as her animated counterpart.

Ultron Sentries Are Back

Marvel Studios

Remember these guys from Avengers: Age of Ultron? The Ultron Sentries created by Tony Stark to create his “suit of armor around the world” are back. Now, these were also featured in an episode of What If…? as Ultron’s henchmen, and that’s more accurate to their comic origins. Money is on the Sentries being in an alternate universe with whoever is holding our Stephen Strange hostage, which leads us to …

That Mystery Voice

Marvel Studios

That’s Patrick Stewart if I’ve ever heard him. Professor X is back, at least in Patrick Stewart form, but I’m holding my breath for the James McAvoy version to also make an appearance.

Professor X is an important aspect of attempting to get the Scarlet Witch under control when she goes a little off course (see the comic series House of M). While it looks like Strange is being held prisoner, I don’t expect he’ll remain that way if that truly is Professor X (and let’s be honest, it is.)

The Illuminati


The Illuminati’s arrival to the MCU is imminent. The Marvel version of the Illuminati is comprised of six members: Namor, King of Atlantis; Black Bolt, leader of the Inhumans; Dr. Reed Richards, founding member of the Fantastic Four, Dr. Strange, Master of the Mystic Arts; Professor X, founder of the X-Men; and Tony Stark, founding member of the Avengers. The Illuminati was originally formed under the direction of Tony Stark, so all sanctions of the superhero world could unite and work together on massive planetary threats. However, in the end, it turned into these six men meeting as a cabal to coordinate their attacks and keep the others informed on big decisions made for each respective group.

All but Black Bolt is accounted for having a role, or an upcoming one, somewhere in the MCU. Namor is set to make his debut in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, but perhaps we’ll get a flash of him here first. Reed Richards is also confirmed to be coming soon to the Universe, with no set project for his introduction. And from what we know from the above, at least Patrick Stewart’s Professor X is all but officially confirmed. From the looks of those chairs, all six of these guys are sitting on that council, should this be what it is.

The most interesting tidbit here is the link between the Ultron Sentries and Tony Stark’s prominent role in the Illuminati. Will we be getting a Stark variant? (Please promise me it isn’t Tom Cruise.)

That Captain Marvel Variant

Marvel Studios

Captain Marvel has arrived to help takedown Wanda Maximoff, and it’s not Carol Danvers. Currently, two theories are prevalent: Maria or Monica Rambeau. While making Maria the variant would be an amazing twist to her character, Monica has the history as Captain Marvel. Monica Rambeau was Marvel’s second rendition of Captain Marvel back in 1982 and I’m firmly in the camp that she deserves to have her moment as her original persona.

Plus, our Monica has a history with Wanda from WandaVision, which is how she got her powers in the MCU currently.

Other things we noticed, the Defender Strange variant, the return of Karl Mordo, and who bought Avengers tower in New York? (Another Reed Richards theory …)

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness premieres exclusively in theaters May 6.

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