Monday, August 8, 2022

‘Roadfood’: Behind-the-Scenes Content From Rhode Island Released

TELEVISIONROADFOOD'Roadfood': Behind-the-Scenes Content From Rhode Island Released

Roadfoodies (see what I did there?), yet another behind-the-scenes look is now available for your viewing pleasure. This time, the sneak peeks of what the Roadfood cast, crew, and guests got up to are from Rhode Island. Check out the slew of new pictures here on Roadfood’s website.

A description for the behind-the-scenes photo reel can be found below.

Don’t underestimate the small state of Rhode Island!  This state has it all- beaches, vibrant cities, beautiful scenery, and of course, most importantly, FOOD!  While visiting the great state of Rhode Island we tasted all kinds of seafood and interesting dishes, but Calamari was the top on our list and it did not disappoint.  The textures, the flavors, the dips and sauces all came together for a delightful Calamari dish and we ate a lot of it.

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The overall description for Roadfood‘s third episode titled “Rhode Island: Calamari” can be found below as well.

Ever heard of a state appetizer? Unless you live in Rhode Island, the answer is likely no, as this tiny state is the first — and only — to pursue this particular display of state pride. But the story of the calamari industry in Rhode Island is surprisingly rich, with many layers to bite into.

In addition to the picture reel, this page features the local restaurants that host Misha Collins and the crew visited. There is also a recipe for Rhode Island-style calamari!

Roadfood is currently available to watch on multiple platforms. If you’re not familiar with your options, make sure to check out our article on all the ways you can watch here. Additionally, two new watch options are coming soon (see here for more information). As always, stay tuned for more updates. In the meantime, make sure to check out our other content related to the show here and Roadfood’s website for additional behind-the-scenes content and other information.

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