Review: Angels & Airwaves ‘LIFEFORMS’ Mystery Box Is an Intriguing Paranormal Adventure

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Chris Rubey

Back in September, rock band Angels & Airwaves released their sixth studio album, LIFEFORMS. This marked the band’s first full-length release since their 2014 album The Dream Walker, with the years in between dotted with EPs. Angels & Airwaves has been on the music scene since 2005, headed by blink-182’s Tom DeLonge. The rest of the band’s current day lineup includes Ilan Rubin, David Kennedy, and Matt Rubano.

In celebration of the album, Angels & Airwaves has partnered with national escape room brand Breakout Games on a Dispatch mystery box!

A woman was reported missing only to reappear days later with no memories. You’ve been assigned to Albuquerque to unravel her story and get to the bottom of her strange disappearance.

Take a paranormal adventure through ‘LIFEFORMS‘ — decode and solve the disappearance of a key figure in the album storyline: Vivian. Can you find Vivian?

The LIFEFORMS mystery box is a perfect extension of the album, allowing fans to dive deep into the web of an intriguing mystery that aligns perfectly with the 10-track release.

For those that have yet to experience one of these mystery boxes, they provide a challenging and thought-provoking experience similar to that of an escape room, but with the added convenience of doing so from your own home. Like the other Dispatch boxes, the LIFEFORMS box comes laden with a variety of physical clues to help players piece together the mystery.

Angels & Airwaves mystery box game image
Chris Rubey

For the cost, you’re receiving quality items in return that heavily contribute to the immersive experience of the game — like aged newspaper clippings, a metal decoder coin, stamped envelopes, photographs, and a keychain with a black light. You’ll want to leave yourself plenty of table space to spread out the contents of the box, and prepare to take notes along the way as you begin to decipher the cleverly hidden clues throughout. For a package that appears modestly sized on the outside, this box is jam-packed with all of the ingredients to kickstart a riveting paranormal adventure.

While the LIFEFORMS mystery box begins with physical clues for players to read, assess, and scrutinize, the game expands tenfold into the digital realm. Interconnected web links, passwords, and messages will send you even further down the rabbit hole, mimicking the realistic nature of internet sleuthing to crack unsolved mysteries.

Rest assured that this elaborate game is by no means a simple and straightforward venture that you’ll tear through with minimal effort. Although the box provides the necessary tools to begin pulling back the layers on the story, it’s up to you to determine how all of these puzzle pieces fit together to reveal the bigger picture. Players are in for a fun, an intense mental workout that requires commitment to the case and a keen eye for details.

Overall, this mystery box is a truly unique and exciting extension of Angels & Airwaves’ highly anticipated LIFEFORMS. It confidently pushes the boundaries of what people have come to expect from physical merchandise that would typically accompany an album release, providing a captivating and entertaining way to further enjoy the band and their music.

Although this can serve as a fun activity for a group to tackle, Breakout also has collaborative community resources available for those who are working solo, which include a Slack chat forum and a Facebook group!

The LIFEFORMS mystery box can be purchased online here, either by itself or with a variety of Angels & Airwaves merchandise bundles. It’s also available for purchase at Breakout Games locations as well.

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