Tuesday, March 21, 2023

‘The Spiderwick Chronicles’: Series Adaption Coming Soon to Disney+

TELEVISIONDISNEY+'The Spiderwick Chronicles': Series Adaption Coming Soon to Disney+

During Disney+ Day, it was revealed that Disney has begun working on a series adaption of the popular The Spiderwick Chronicles book series.

Outside of the announcement, Disney+ says the series will act as a modern coming-of-age story with fantasy adventure.

The popular novels by Tony DiTerlizzi and Holly Black were previously adapted into a film. The stars of the film have gone on to make themselves into household names, including Freddie Highmore who played one of the title characters in the film, Jared Grace. Sarah Bolger, Mary-Louise Parker, Seth Rogen, and Martin Short also starred in the movie.

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The Spiderwick Chronicles follows the Grace family. After they move to their family’s estate and weird things begin happening, they dismiss it as Jared’s doing. However, Jared uncovers a magical book that acts as a guide to mystical creatures. The family soon learns that there’s a lot that they don’t know, including the realization that there are magical creatures roaming the land.

The Spiderwick Chronicles film from Paramount Pictures is available to stream on Netflix.

Stay tuned for more updates on The Spiderwick Chronicles as well as news coming out of Disney+ Day!

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