First Look at New Disney+ Series ‘Zooptopia+’

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Disney is taking us back to the boroughs of Zootopia for a new, short-form series based on the 2016 Disney animated film.

Not many details are available yet about Disney’s return to the “fast paced mammal metropolis” fans loved in the original, except that it will be an anthology-style season of shorts. Zootopia+ will focus on some of the supporting cast from the original film. So far, the lineup includes Fru Fru, Gazzel’s backing dancers, Flash the sloth, and more.

Disney released a teaser image for the new show during Disney+ day. You can see the adorable image, featuring many familiar faces from Zootopia including Nick Wilde and Lt. Judy Hopps, below:

No voice casting details are public yet. But we do know that Disney are including experienced crew who worked on the movie. Trent Correy, an animator on the original film, and Josie Trinidad, one of its writers, will both direct Zootopia+

Zootopia+ is the second show produced Walt Disney Animation, the unit that makes all of Disney’s animated movies. (The first being Baymax!, which Disney released a trailer for today.) Disney Television Animation made all of the previous Disney TV shows.

The show will premiere on Disney+ in 2022.

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