‘A Castle For Christmas’ Trailer Released

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Who doesn’t want a castle for Christmas that comes with Cary Elwes? In Netflix’s A Castle For Christmas, Sophie Brown (played by Brooke Shields), is a bestselling author who was inspired to write by her grandfather’s story of growing up in a Scottish Castle. Her latest book flops and she decides to finally visit Scotland to see where her grandfather grew up.

Sophie soon discovers it’s for sale and it comes with a Duke, played by Cary Elwes. He’s not saying, “As you wish” in this fairytale-inspired Netflix movie. Instead, he’s putting up demands and roadblocks including refusing to leave in the hopes she’ll hightail it back to New York City.

The trailer shows magnificent views of a gorgeous castle that turns into a bait and switch, as Sophie discovers how much work upkeep and renovations can be thanks to the plotting of the Duke (Cary Elwes). In a cheeky tone, the Duke of Dunbar states, “Here are the keys to my castle.” It’s not clear in the trailer why he must sell but we are led to believe he has no choice and it’s Sophie’s to lose. Duke Myles (Elwes) of Dun Dunbar Castle has demands, a 90-day escrow till Christmas and she must move in immediately with him living in it.

Directed by Mary Lambert, and written by Kim Beyer-Johnson, Ally Carter, and Neal H. Dobrofsky, A Castle For Christmas looks like a Christmas hit for Netflix. In a tale that’s Moneypit meets When Harry Met Sally, the classic conflict comes to a head when the inevitable happens and both the Duke and Sophie discover their chemistry. She must decide this Christmas what she really wants and if the fairytale ending is right for the ending of her life. You can go along for the ride to Scotland with Brooke Shields and Cary Elwes and find out what happens after Christmas as the movie drops on Netflix on November 26.

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