Monday, March 20, 2023

‘The Sims 4’: Up Your Houseplant Game With the Blooming Rooms Kit

GAMES'The Sims 4': Up Your Houseplant Game With the Blooming Rooms Kit

Calling all plant lovers! Whether you’re a seasoned aficionado of all things leafy and green, or if you’re a newfound houseplant enthusiast — yes, we’re looking you quarantine hobbyists who accidentally turned your living rooms into a jungle (same though), The Sims 4 is ready to make your dreams come true with the all-new Blooming Rooms Kit.

While houseplants have many benefits, like majorly upping the aesthetic of your home and sparking joy every time a new baby leaf sprouts, they also require time, love, and money to ensure they thrive. Otherwise, your carefully curated living home decor can and will magically transform into a sad collection of crunchy brown misery (besides that one plant that just absolutely won’t die).

With the Blooming Rooms Kit, you and your Sims can load up on all of the houseplant-induced serotonin without the crushing weight of responsibility — because they’re digital! And hey, if there’s not enough light in the living room? No problem. Your Sim didn’t need that couch. Forget the television. Knock down that entire wall, because we’re doing floor to ceiling windows, baby! Let those plants thrive.

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The Blooming Rooms Kit will be available on November 9.

In addition to the Blooming Rooms Kit, a new way to play The Sims was also announced today: Scenarios. Scenarios are in-game situations where Simmers can choose to participate and work toward an outcome for their Sims. There are different outcomes for each Scenario and multiple ways to achieve them.

Two Scenarios have been introduced so far — Making Money and Finding Love after a Break Up.

Stay tuned for more The Sims news!

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