Friday, March 31, 2023

Mötley Crüe to Release Graphic Novel ‘The Dirt: Declassified’

COMIC BOOKMötley Crüe to Release Graphic Novel 'The Dirt: Declassified'

One of the world’s most notorious rock bands, Mötley Crüe, is set to take on saving the world as secret agents in The Dirt: Declassified. For more than 40 years Mötley Crüe has serviced the world of rock n’ roll, earning themselves musical accolades all over the world.

The graphic novel will take notes and build upon both the 2001 memoir The Dirt as well as the band’s 2019 biopic. The graphic novel has a number of varying price ranges, from $24.99 to $299.99.

“You thought you knew the story behind the world’s most notorious rock band…the music, the mayhem…it is the stuff of rock n roll legend, chronicled in the New York Times bestselling book and subsequent Netflix movie, The Dirt. Now, as Vince Neil, Nikki Sixx, Tommy Lee and Mick Mars emerge from self-imposed exile from all corners of the globe, the REAL story behind the band can finally be told…as the exploits of Mötley Crüe working as special undercover government operatives are revealed in this graphic novel.”

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Check out the first look into The Dirt: Declassified below.

The Dirt: Declassified will debut on April 1, 2022. For more details on what’s included in each price tier as well as to pre-order, head to

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