‘Inside Job’ Review: An Absurdly Entertaining Series From Netflix

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If you’ve ever wondered who really runs the world, Netflix’s upcoming Inside Job has you covered. The animated comedy focuses on Cognito, Inc., a shadow government organization responsible for committing the world’s conspiracies. It follows tech genius Reagan Ridley as she navigates office culture and guides her team through cover-ups and more. Despite dealing with the stresses of her job, and her strained relationship with her father, Reagan believes the world can be a better place. And she plans on proving it and making a difference.

One of the first things I noticed about the show was the smaller background details. Many simply exist to help populate scenes. But there are several that allude to conspiracies not directly mentioned throughout the season. They often appear in “blink and you miss it” moments. However, they strengthen the show’s world. Each added detail creates a more immersive version of Cognito, Inc.

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To me, Inside Job’s greatest strength is its characters. First, its protagonist Reagan is a dynamic and well-developed character. Throughout the first season, viewers see multiple facets of Reagan’s life. In her personal life, she deals with a less than loving father hyper-focused on his own vendettas. It’s clear their relationship is fraught, but it also has its occasional positives. Meanwhile, Reagan faces challenges at work. She’s clever and innovative. While she’s overworked and often on the brink of snapping, her passion for her work remains. Despite every obstacle, Reagan still maintains her slice of hope for a better world.

Along with Reagan, the rest of the supporting characters each bring something to the table. They have distinct and wildly different personalities that make them unique. So much so that often it’s a wonder they manage to get anything done as a team. But they do. And no matter how different they may be, they work well as a unit. The voice cast only adds another layer of entertainment.

Inside Job isn’t for everyone. But if it is the type of show you watch, it’s worth the time. Each episode is packed with absurdities, and the series isn’t afraid to lean into that. It hits almost every ridiculous conspiracy you can name, and maybe some you wouldn’t think of. It ends with a cliffhanger that leaves viewers with enough curiosity to want more. And regardless of its farcical nature, it also has something to say. With the never-ending madness of real life, Inside Job is a great way to unwind after a long day.

Inside Job will release on Netflix on October 22. Keep an eye out for our interviews with creator Shion Takeuchi and cast members Brett Gelman, Christian Slater, and Clark Duke! Watch the trailer below.

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