‘9-1-1’ Recap: Season 5, Episode 5 “Peer Pressure”

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Peter Krause in 9-1-1
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The newest episode of FOX’s 9-1-1 saw new partnerships within the 118. With Chimney gone to find Maddie, Buck becomes Probie Ravi’s new instructor, and Eddie and Hen team-up, which causes some interesting tension. Meanwhile, Harry is still dealing with the aftermath of his kidnapping, and May struggles with Claudette at the call center.

Keep reading to find the big moments from this week’s 9-1-1, “Peer Pressure.”

Buck’s family

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Will Buck ever find the peace he so deserves? After Chimney runs off to find Maddie with Jee-Yun, Buck has yet to receive any actual response from his coworker nor his sister. No one at the station is talking about Chim. They’re just avoiding the subject. Buck believes it’s because they all blame him for Chimney leaving.

Buck tries to call Maddie, but the mailbox is all full. When he tries to call Chimney, he’s told again to stop calling him. During dinner, Buck makes the surprise and the uncharacteristic announcement he’s putting up for a transfer. He admits that everything feels broken, and it’s his fault. Bobby tells Buck that he told Chimney to leave. Eddie says he told Chimney it was the right thing to do, and Hen offered to go with him.

“You’re stuck with us.”

New partnerships

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Chimney’s gone, meaning Cap has to rearrange pairings. It’s Buck with Ravi and Eddie with Hen.

Buck and Probie

While on a call, Buck has some notes for Ravi after he jams the door open with the battering ram. Ravi also may or may not have fiddled with the gurney when he wasn’t supposed to, and it folded like a taco. Instructor Buck was not very happy.

At Griffith Park, Ravi begins to feel sick after seeing a guy with a chainsaw wedged in his collarbone, and Buck takes over. Later at the firehouse, Buck carries around a chainsaw like he’s going to kill Ravi with it, though he just wants to show him how to disassemble it. Hen finds Ravi in Bobby’s office and gives him some advice about Buck, who is going through a tough time.

Buck finally goes easy on Ravi and warms up to him.

Eddie and Hen

We already saw Eddie and Hen work together a little bit in last week’s episode, so it shouldn’t be too bad, right? Wrong, it’s just as entertaining as Buck and Probie. While Hen’s trying to do her job, Eddie tries to do it as well, merely getting in the way at times.

Hen has Eddie drive very carefully after a call, and Eddie is just as nervous. It’s hilarious.

The trouble with Harry

Following the kidnapping, Harry is not doing so well. He’s acting out at school, not turning in his homework, cursing, and even punching a student. He’s suspended. He tries to get Bobby not to tell his parents and even asks to stay at the firehouse for a week when he’s suspended. Bobby doesn’t give in and tells Harry to tell his parents what happened.

Despite Bobby telling him to tell his parents, Harry did not, so Bobby told them. The three show up at May’s place, and Athena and Michael have a talk with Harry, just wanting to help him. However, the talk soon gets physical, as Athena accidentally slaps him after Harry tells her that she’s a terrible mother.

Athena tells Bobby what happened, and Bobby, being Bobby, tells his wife not to give up. Athena won’t let Jeffrey win, and she shouldn’t. Harry will find his way back to them.

May and Claudette

While May is taking a call, Claudette takes over, but May is not so happy about it. After the call, Claudette tells her it’s better to ask for help rather than just let someone die on her watch. After work, May vents to Harry about what happened. Harry tries to give his sister advice, but May’s not sure she should be taking advice from someone who got suspended from school.

May gets a call from someone going through something she knows all too well, as the caller is saying her last goodbyes. Too many bullies. May tells her that she, too, took pills and her mother found her. The phone drops, and fire and rescue get to her in time. May tells Claudette how she knew where the caller was in her house, and Claudette says she’s only hard on her because she knows she can be great.

Madney Wedding?

Yes, you read that right! In the middle of the night, Maddie calls Buck wondering why Chimney is in Utah. She says that Chim emailed her a video of Jee crawling. Buck begs his sister to tell him where she is, but Maddie doesn’t give in. She’s safe. She’s just not ready. In the background, church bells can be heard, and Maddie hangs up. Buck thinks he knows where Maddie is.

Could it really be happening? Could we finally be getting a Madney wedding after all this time? Fingers crossed because I need it to happen.

The Calls

Peter Krause in 9-1-1
Jack Zeman/FOX

It’s not 9-1-1 without some pretty insane calls, so let’s just dive right into it!

  • One couch potato keeps seeing ads about a new workout program, Narcissus. Literally, on the TV, on billboards, taxicabs, magazines. He finally gives in, though after doing more than enough sit-ups, he starts to not feel good. While on the toilet, he can’t move thanks to a severely pinched nerve in the neck. Luckily the 118 help him, though not without some deep feelings of pressure. After Buck and Eddie help the guy onto the gurney, he comments on their physique.

Wow. You guys are pretty jacked. What kind of workout do you do?”

  • At Griffith Park, the 118 find a guy with a chainsaw wedged into his collarbone. Buck successfully disassembles the chainsaw, and they head off to the hospital.
  • This next one seems a little hard to believe, but at a retirement community, an elderly woman is revealed to have been behind a meth lab in the basement after there’s a fire. The retirement community is too expensive, so she wanted to make money an easy way.
Peter Krause in 9-1-1
Jack Zeman/FOX

9-1-1 is off next week due to the World Series, but don’t worry. The series will be back on November 1 for its Halloween episode on FOX! Stream all episodes now on Hulu, and stay tuned for more 9-1-1 coverage on Nerds and Beyond!

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