GISH Gets Halloweird This Halloween Season

Meredith J
1 Min Read

Have you ever wanted to try GISH for free but didn’t know where to start? Here is your chance with GISH’s Halloweird free event where GISHers receive daily challenges from October 19 to October 31. This event is perfect for both new GISHers and experienced ones with busy fall schedules who want to take Halloween to the GISH level. If there is a holiday that truly captured the GISH spirit, it would be Halloween. These daily GISH challenges seem hauntingly inspired and designed to reignite the Halloween kid in all of us.

As GISH states on its website, “Starting October 19th, you will receive daily GISH challenges to get creepy, creative, and kind with spine-tingly spooky special guests.” It gives the feeling of a giant Halloween party full of festive (and weird) fun. Click here to sign up and experience GISH’S ghouly goodness.

GISH has seasonal, yearly, week-long scavenger hunts events that bring people together from all over the world to participate in wacky, creative, and kind challenges. The hunt helps to raise money for charities and encourages acts of kindness.

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