Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Apple TV+ Renews ‘Foundation’ for Season 2

TELEVISIONAPPLE TV+Apple TV+ Renews 'Foundation' for Season 2

Season 1 of Foundation, the sci-fi adaptation of Isaac Asimov’s novels, is currently streaming on Apple TV+. With only four episodes released so far, Apple just announced that a second season of the series has been ordered.

The first season is composed of 10 episodes, a new episode dropping every Friday on Apple’s streaming platform.

Foundation is set in a galactic Empire governed by three clone brothers of emperor Cleon I. A mathematician, Hari Seldon, uses a new science to predict the fall of the Empire followed by a period of chaos. Seldon recommend the creation of a foundation which will gather humanity’s knowledge to help reduce the period of chaos.

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The series stars Lee Pace (Brother Day), Terrence Mann (Brother Dusk), Jared Harris (Hari Seldon), Lou Llobell (Gaal Dornick), Laura Birn (Demerzel), Leah Harvey (Salvor Hardin), Alfred Enoch (Raych Foss), and Cassian Bilton (Brother Dawn).

The first season of Foundation is streaming on Apple TV+. A new episode is out every Friday. Keep up with our recaps here.

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