‘CSI: Vegas’ Review: Welcome Back to Vegas

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21 years ago, the first episode of CSI premiered on CBS. Following the lives and cases of Crime Scene Investigators in Las Vegas, CSI became an instant hit with its unique storytelling through science. What quickly followed were four spin-offs and for the next 15 years, the CSI franchise was much watched television. After a six year hiatus, the CSI franchise returns with a new spin-off. The new series includes familiar faces from the original and is set in the city where it all began, Las Vegas.


Returning is Gil Grissom played by William Peterson and Sara Sidle played by Jorja Fox. Last time we saw these characters, they were in a speed boat speeding away, off to their next adventure. Sara initially returns to their old stomping grounds of the Las Vegas Crime Lab to help solve a case that involves an old friend. It is quickly discovered all the work they had previously done with the lab is under intense scrutiny. To clear their record, they must work with the current director of the Las Vegas lab, Maxine Roby played by Paula Newsom, and their fellow CSIs to save the labs reputation before its too late.


Nostalgia will play a large part if viewers will enjoy the current spin-off. The story presented so far is more traditional rather than revolutionary. With a variety of procedurals currently airing to choose from, CSI: Vegas might get ignored but it still deserves a chance to win over viewers and to find its own voice. By introducing new characters, the series is giving the audience another chance to fall in love just like they did with the original.


CSI: Vegas airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET on CBS and is available the following day On Demand and on Paramount+.

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