‘Ted Lasso’ Recap: Season 2, Episode 11 “Midnight Train to Royston”

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It’s the penultimate episode of Ted Lasso season 2 and it was a lot to say the least. Last week, we spent time with the team at Rebecca’s father’s funeral which ended with Rebecca cooling things off with Sam, and Jamie confessing his love for Keeley.

Read on to see what went down in this week’s episode and all of the implications that come with it!

Sam Obisanya: Will He Stay or Go?

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Edwin Akufo, a Ghanaian billionaire, has his eyes set on Sam joining a team he’s forming back on their home continent of Africa. He’s willing to buy Sam out of his contract to bring him home. We know from episodes past that Sam is very close with his family in Nigeria and that he’s willing to fight for the well-being of his country, so will he leave the Greyhounds, and Rebecca, behind?

Edwin certainly gave an impressive pitch, complete with a museum tour and an imported restaurant just for Sam, so it may be hard to refuse. However, the biggest factor for Sam to take into consideration is what Edwin said about wanting to distribute his wealth for the benefit of Africa. He doesn’t believe billionaires should exist, and he’s willing to dissipate his inherited fortune to improve the lives of everyone living back home. Improving the lives of Africans was one of Sam’s biggest endeavors earlier this season with Dubai Air.

Of course, Rebecca is torn about how she should approach Sam, knowing what going home would mean to him, but also not wanting to lose him. In the end, she does tell him she doesn’t want him to leave but doesn’t stay to listen to his answer.

What will Sam do? He’s stuck between a rock and a hard place here before the finale. And what will Richmond do without their star player that put them within one win of making it back into the Premier League?

Are Roy and Keeley Heading Towards Disaster?

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Houston, we have a problem. Last week, Roy and Keeley were a bit out of sync over finale rites and Jamie dropped that very inappropriate bombshell (we were just starting to like you, Tartt), and this week things aren’t going any better.

Keeley has landed a Vanity Fair interview, because she’s effing amazing, and spends the episode doing what she does best: helping people and looking good while doing it. She takes Nate shopping with her when she goes to find the perfect fit for her shoot, and Nate does what he’s done best this season and be entirely out of line, kissing Keeley in the shop. (More on HIM later …)

Meanwhile, Roy goes to get Phoebe from school (a few hours late) and ends up staying to help her teacher, Ms. Bowen, prep for a fundraiser. While nothing happens, something happens. Roy is really at ease around Ms. Bowen, like a little too much, but not in a weird, creepy way, in an unsettling to Roy and Keeley fans way. When she asks if Roy’s married he tells her no, but also doesn’t mention he’s not single either.

However, when Roy and Keeley reunite for her shoot things seem to be perfect between the two, with Roy giving Keeley that soft look only she can pull from him. He reassures her nerves about her shoot, and then when it’s time for him to join her for their duo shots, for some reason they thought this was a great time to have a talk.

Keeley admits Nate kissed her that day, and Roy is shockingly (and let’s be real, disappointingly) fine with it. Then it’s Roy’s turn to confess that he didn’t tell Ms. Bowen he was in a relationship. After that, things go south quickly when Keeley tells Roy about Jamie. Roy doesn’t have a response, but his face says it all.

We still don’t know how Keeley feels about Jamie’s confession, either. All signs point to a downfall in the finale for Roy and Keeley, but I’m crossing every finger and toe it all works out. Every. Single. One.

Ted’s Truth Surfaces

Ted was back in tip-top shape this episode. Clearly, Dr. Sharon fixed him right up last week. Speaking of Dr. Sharon, Ted has quite the spectacular event planned for her going away including an envelope of cash and the team performing an absolutely exquisite choreography to N’Sync’s timeless classic “Bye Bye Bye.” She’s going to love it.

But Dr. Sharon leaves a day early, leaving behind a stack of letters for everyone on the team in lieu of an in-person farewell. Ted’s not having that. He waits at her apartment for a proper goodbye, and he gets it. We still want to see what in her letter brought tears to his eyes though …

Ted gets his send-off, spending the night at the Crown and Anchor for some beers and pinball, getting the last laugh as he leaves Dr. Sharon with one of his signature Army men and a note.

Seemingly all is well in Ted-land, finally, but Trent Crimm of The Independent sends him a text with an article heading out the next morning. “Coach Lasso suffered panic attack during FA Cup match.” We do see a glimmer of the respect these two men share as Trent shares where he got the scoop from.


Will this lure Dr. Sharon back to AFC Richmond? How is this going to affect Ted going forward, having everyone know his secret? And my God, please tell us Nate is fired

What the Hell Nate?!

He’s done it this time. Nate has been on thin ice this entire season thus far, but now he’s gone crashing through into the icy depths. First, he kissed Keeley, which is extremely inappropriate, especially because her boyfriend is his co-worker. But then he spilled the details on Ted’s panic attack to Trent in an attempt to gain power over Ted.

This entire season has been Nate’s attempt to gain fame and power, both in life and with himself, but he’s really not going about this the right way. Now, he’s thrown his number one supporter under the bus in the cruelest of ways. At the clothing shop, Keeley eggs Nate on unknowing of his previous less-than-tasteful actions, empowering him to take charge, be the boss, and that no one really understands people like them. And Nate’s response was to sacrifice Ted, likely in an attempt to gain top dog status at Richmond or get hired elsewhere.

Nate made it clear he’s not interested in team efforts this week as well. He wants the glory for himself and he’s not willing to water anyone else’s crops, only his own. How this will play out is going to be ugly and likely frustrating. Beard is already suspicious, now Roy knows he’s kissed Keeley, and he’s even found a way to betray Ted. They have one episode left to tie up Nate’s arc, and at this point in the game it’s all still very messy.

Top Ted-isms of the Week

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“Call me Dumbo cause I’m all ears.”

“Firm yet comforting, you know, like a weighted blanket for my hand toes.”

“You hear impossible, but all I hear is I’m possible.”

“Trickle-down economics may stink, but trickle-down support smells like pizza, roses, and I assume Viola Davis.”

“Listen to your gut. And on your way down to your gut, check in with your heart. Between those two things, they’ll let you know what’s what.”

Catch the final episode of Ted Lasso season 2 exclusively on Apple TV+ next Friday, October 8. In the meantime, make sure to catch up on all of our Ted Lasso recaps!

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