Zynga Announces New Design Feature for ‘Merge Dragons!’

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Zynga, a global leader in interactive gaming entertainment, has announced that Merge Dragons!, the popular puzzle adventure game, has added a new in-game design feature.

Merge Dragons! allows players to hatch and nurture dragons, who use their magical abilities to heal lands and recharge at their home base. In addition, the new feature called Dragon Homes gives players the ability to unlock, enter, and decorate their dragon’s homes with unique items and home furnishings.


Players will be able to choose decor from three categories: Kala, Retro, and Rustic. Each group includes five different item chains with different levels and legendary, mythical, rare, epic, common, or uncommon rarity. The more a player decorates their dragon’s space, the more rooms unlock for new items.

The fun doesn’t end there! The new feature will introduce dust, a new form of currency collected inside and outside Dragon Homes. However, dust can only be acquired by finding dust bunnies. Dust can be used to purchase in-game crates filled with items to decorate your dragon’s home.

Merge Dragons! is available for download on Google Play and the Apple Store.

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