‘Mr. Corman’ Recap: Season 1, Episode 9 “Mr. Corman”

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In the ninth episode of Mr. Corman, viewers are introduced to the elder Corman that Josh has only briefly spoken about. Read on to find out what happens in the penultimate episode of season 1 of Mr. Corman, “Mr. Corman.”

Josh gets multiple calls from his father that he has no interest in answering. Eventually, he answers and finds out his dad thinks he’s having a heart attack and needs a ride to the hospital. He gives in and goes to pick him up; it’s clear the animosity Josh feels toward his dad is still looming. However, Josh doesn’t want to go inside the hospital so his dad doesn’t go either.

His dad attempts to act like he did nothing wrong by glossing over all of it, but Josh doesn’t let it go easily. As they’re walking down the street, his dad recalls instances in Josh’s childhood that Josh just does not remember. It frustrates his father, who says some of those moments he cherishes to this day.

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The two of them get into a heated argument and his dad says they’re basically the same. The difference between them? Josh blames everyone else for his problems, his dad only blames himself. After his dad storms off, a distant memory from Josh’s childhood comes circling back. His dad woke up him and his sister in the middle of the night to take them outside and show them an asteroid. He tells them not to be scared. Josh, with a blank expression, walks in the opposite direction that his father just left.

The season finale of Mr. Corman airs next Friday, October 1 on Apple TV+. Catch up before the finale by reading our weekly episodic recaps!

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