Interview: Ruth Connell Talks New Role on ‘Doom Patrol’ [EXCLUSIVE]

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You may know Ruth Connell as the fiery Rowena on The CW’s Supernatural, but now she’s stepping into a brand new role as part of DC’s Doom Patrol. The new season of Doom Patrol will air tomorrow night, September 23, on HBO Max.

Read our interview with Ruth below, as she talks about her role!

Nerds and Beyond: What type of preparation did you do to get into character for Doom Patrol?

Ruth Connell: I read the script written by Steve Yockey and Jeremy Carver and then I read it again and I kept reading my interactions whilst using my imagination, as well as going down a few wormholes of research into the era. I also was lucky enough to read some original source material for some of the other characters, which was new to me and I LOVED. I think you’ll love it too when you see it on screen. It’s a super-bonus to be able to ask the writer questions too!

Nerds and Beyond: In the few seconds we get to see you in the trailer, your make-up effects look very detailed. How long did it take for the effects to be done?

Ruth: A very, very long time with stupendously early starts for everyone involved.

Nerds and Beyond: What can you tell us about your character and what type of chaos she will bring to the characters?

Ruth: As Steve Yockey said recently on Twitter: “With Ruth Connell as the Night Nurse. She’s really good with kids”. Make of that what you will.

Nerds and Beyond: How was it working with/on another project with Jeremy Carver?

Ruth: It was so lovely. It was such a kind set which is definitely a trickle-down from the top. Special shout out to his assistant Pam as well who is the greatest woman. The soul of the show is inclusivity.

Nerds and Beyond: We know you can’t spoil anything, but what’s something fans can look forward to with your appearance on the show?

Ruth: Lots of green and the most ornate jacket ever made for me!

Nerds and Beyond: Were there any stunts or stunt work training done for your role?

Ruth: There was going to be a larger physical aspect to the character which morphed a bit by the time filming started. I had a terrific stunt double. I also thought it was important I ran about in high heels in the wee hours of the morning over and over again myself. My thighs did not thank me for days afterward.

Nerds and Beyond: If you could have any one of the people from the Doom Patrol’s powers, which would it be and why?

Ruth: I would love to have the real-life talent and generosity of Dianne Guerrero and April Bowlby. I’d be pretty much unstoppable then.

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