‘Dynasty’ Recap: Season 4, Episode 19 “Everything Looks Wonderful, Joseph”

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Fallon and Liam are still on the rocks, a ghost from Dominique’s past returns and Adam is hellbent on getting rid of Amanda. Read on to find out what happens in season 4, episode 19 of Dynasty, “Everything Looks Wonderful, Joseph.”

Carrington crime ties

Cristal was forewarned about an article that ties Adam to the death of an organized crime boss. Sam brings all the family together for an important meeting, one where Adam swears he made sure there would be no legal blowback. Blake is more concerned with how this makes the family look. Sam recognizes the situation is his fault so he wants to be the one to fix it.

Dominique’s past catches up

Dominique is catching Jeff up on how well her new business endeavors are going when a face from her past makes an appearance. It’s not just any face though .. it’s her ex-husband.

Previously, while in the mines with Alexis and fearing death, she confessed that she had gotten married after divorcing Jeff and Monica’s father. The both of them want to talk, so Dominique clears her schedule for lunch the next day.

He left to protect Dominique who was being threatened because of him. He apologizes for abandoning her but Dominique isn’t letting him off easy.

Fallon wants it both ways

Liam is still giving Fallon the cold shoulder and demands that she come to him with her priorities in line and how she’s going to balance marriage and her career. Fallon thinks that it’s possible for women to have it all. Cristal gives her a sound piece of advice. She should take time to open herself up to what she is ready to change.

She’s tried everything and when she tells Amanda, her sister hands her an edible (or two or three) to help take the edge off.

The Carrington multiverse

When Fallon falls into a slumber and awakes, she finds herself in “heaven.” Of course, she thinks she’s dead, but a very angelic Anders tells her she’s going to view a life that she wished for — one in which she and Adam get along, Blake and Alexis are still married, and Cristal is Alexis’ .. trainer?

Eventually, she meets Liam in this version of her life. He’s a writer for The New Yorker and just so happens to need someone to write a profile on. The two of them hit it off in a “love at first sight” scenario. Just as quickly as it’s there, it’s gone; Anders doesn’t want to go into uncharted territory. However, Fallon is persuasive and she learns how the story ends. Spoiler alert: it’s not good. He ends up more interested in Amanda.

Fallon decides she needs to have an adult conversation with Liam about their future. She won’t give up her company, but she’s willing to step away for a while so they can rebuild their marriage. Liam has realized that just isn’t going to do it. He needs to find himself again and in order to do that they need to take a break.

Dynasty airs Friday nights at 9 p.m. ET on The CW. Episodes stream the next day on cwtv.com and The CW app.

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