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Becko’s New Single and Video “Darkest Days” Out Now!

MUSICBecko’s New Single and Video “Darkest Days” Out Now!

Following a wave of new singles this year, trap-metal artist Becko has recently released his newest heavy hit “Darkest Days.” Produced by Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda, the song shifts between soft, melodic vocals and powerful screams on top a framework of heavy guitar, electronic synth, and intense 808-drum beats. The track explores the theme of escaping the darkest times of our lives and the journey of self-discovery we make due to our trials by fire, making it the perfect embodiment of the phrase “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”

“This track is my best yet,” says Becko. “I’ve put it all out there. All I know of music, life… everything. Mike Shinoda is one of my biggest overall inspirations and helped shape me into the artist I am today.”

“Darkest Days” was featured on Mike Shinoda’s Twitch channel in February as part of his #ShinodaProduceMe series. This collaborative project involved finding promising songs from rising artists on social media, which Shinoda would then produce live on Twitch for fans to see. Becko’s “Darkest Days” was one of the earliest tracks in the series, which would later go on to feature over thirty artists of various genre and background. Later speaking about the collaboration, Mike Shinoda said, “I’ve had a lot of fun producing so many new, upcoming artists on Twitch, and Becko was definitely a standout. I’m excited for the song’s release, and to see what he does in the coming years.”

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For our detailed review of the production of “Darkest Days” by Mike Shinoda, please visit this page.

Becko is the name of the solo project created by Italian musician Marco Calanca. Formed after his involvement in the band Hopes Die Last, Becko is a multi-genre movement incorporating influences of EDM, hip-hop, and emo-rock. With multiple releases under his belt in conjunction with various labels since 2014, Becko recently signed a multi-album deal in 2020 with independent electronic-rock label FiXT. Becko also has a new album titled You Are (Not) Alone coming out on November 19 via FiXT Radium.

“Darkest Days” is currently available to stream on multiple platforms. Also, make sure to watch Becko’s official music video for “Darkest Days” below, and stay tuned for updates about Becko’s upcoming album You Are (Not) Alone dropping in November!

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