‘Ted Lasso’ Recap: Season 2, Episode 7 “Headspace”

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Happy Ted Lasso day! We’re now in the back half of the season and things are heating up … and cooling down. Roy and Keeley butt heads, Ted is still going through it, and Nate needs to snap out of it, man! Let’s take a deeper look at everything that went down in “Headspace.”

Nate the Wonder Kid … More like wondering what his deal is.

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Something is going on with Nate. He’s been off all season, even more so after Roy Kent joined the coaching squad. However, in episode 6 Nate made the heroic call to win AFC Richmond the game! So this week, the question was will this reassure Nate as a valued member of the team, or will it go to his head? We got our answer, and we’re about to buy him a wheelbarrow to help cart his head around in.

At the very beginning of this episode, Nate spots himself on the back of his father’s newspaper. While we can only speculate, something tells me his relationship with his father is fueling this desire and need to prove himself as someone great. But, when Nate mentions his photo on the back of the paper, his father preaches humility. This was an interesting open to an episode that showed Nate being anything but humble.

Beard also notices the changes overcoming Nate, and he gives him a classic Beard talking to about it. And while Nate does redeem himself with Colin after Nate goes after him, one negative tweet sends him spiraling again, this time against William, the kit manager.

I don’t know what’s going on with Nate, but I do hope we get a nice mix of this more assertive version (versus his meek demeanor last season) and a more down to Earth Nate. I think we can all agree that would be ideal, yeah?

Sam and Rebecca are … still playing keep away

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Since that huge bombshell last episode, we’ve all been wondering what is going to happen with Sam and Rebecca. Turns out, we have to wait another week. While we didn’t get to see the big Bantr reveal this episode, we did get a little glimpse of their real-life banter as they met in the hallway. Sparks are clearly flying and they’re finishing each other’s sentences. The ball is in Rebecca’s court (or should we say on her pitch?) as Sam awaits her response to his invitation to meet in person. We’ll be waiting with bated breath to see how this plays out.

Ted gets personal-ly offended

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Ted suffered from another anxiety attack last week, walking off the pitch mid-game. So, he’s made an appointment with Dr. Fieldstone, and let’s just say Ted is less than receptive to therapy in general. He spends his time deflecting, then turns to insult, which is very unlike Ted. Turns out Ted hates therapists … a lot. But Sharon sticks with him and finally seems to crack through whatever wall Ted has up surrounding his painful secrets. In the end, Sharon helps him understand that therapy is truly a form of self-care, and sometimes when you’re a person who has put the needs of others before yourself for so long, self-care can be scary. As can finally knowing the truth.

This hesitancy to therapy is so common, but not something portrayed in a healthy manner. But breaking stereotypes (and toxic masculinity) is one thing that Ted Lasso loves to do. Instead of letting his distaste of therapy send Ted packing to rearrange his baggage and shove it down further, he sticks with it and refuses to quit, knowing this is the damn best thing for him.

Roy and Keeley hit a rough patch

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With Roy back at AFC Richmond, he and Keeley are now under the same roof at work and home. While Roy is ecstatic about getting to be around her all day, Keeley is less than thrilled with the lack of personal time she gets now. A feeling that is completely understandable and relatable. They get into their biggest fight we’ve seen yet over it, with Keeley finally exploding and Roy taking offense to how Keeley’s been telling everyone but him. Also understandable.

This rift could have been drawn out for multiple episodes, creating a tension that drags on until some big reunion, but as I said above, Ted Lasso is dismantling toxic masculinity and stereotypes. Instead, the pair resolve the issue by the end of the episode, with Roy abiding by Keeley’s healthy boundary (with the help of none other than Jamie Tartt). Roy’s complete acceptance of his misstep after examining his behavior and making it right with Keeley, who also apologized for her outburst, is a demonstration of good communication and a healthy relationship. Which, again, can be something sorely lacking from today’s media.

Top Ted-isms of the Week

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“Darn tootin’, Vladimir Putin.”

“Watch your back, Glenn Close.”

“You wanna get that sweet, sweet O2 all the way down to your prostate.”

“Have at it, Jessica Rabbit.”

“Well, like I always said, sometimes the best stew is the one you leave sitting on the stove cause you fell asleep watching Citizen Kane after too many beers.”

Catch the next episode of Ted Lasso exclusively on Apple TV+ next Friday, September 10. In the meantime, make sure to catch up on all of our Ted Lasso recaps!

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