‘Mr. Corman’ Recap: Season 1, Episode 4 “Mr. Morales”

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What would Mr. Corman be like with Victor as the star? Mr. Corman episode 4 answers that question and gives a look at Victor’s relationship with his daughter, Gabby (Miley Delgado).

A Day in the Life of Victor

arturo castro as victor morales and miley delgado as gabi in mr. corman episode 4 "mr. morales"
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After a long day at work as a UPS delivery driver, Victor is getting ready for his weekend with Gabby. He’s prepared his famous lasagna and everything. Once he picks her up, however, she’s distant. She wasn’t invited to hang out with her friends so she’s spent the entire day sulking and talking to them.

The Handy Man

Turns out, Gabby has started her period. She doesn’t want to talk about it with her dad despite him being completely understanding. Gabby would rather be at home in her bed with a heating pad instead of with her dad. Victor gets to work on creating a homemade heating pad for her.

Gabi’s Big Lie

Victor finds a pair of Air Jordans inside Gabby’s bag. He questions her about it because he knows her mom didn’t buy them for her. She tries to dodge the question at first but finally settles on saying she borrowed them from Adriana to take a picture in them. But while that may not be a total lie — she didn’t ask Adriana if she could borrow them. She stole them; that’s why she wasn’t invited to hang out with her friends.

Hard Lessons

arturo castro as victor morales in mr. corman episode 4 "mr. morales"
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Gabby’s parents both try to teach her a lesson by grounding her, but she teaches them one herself. Her mom is dating a married man and Victor has a strange woman at his apartment. Neither of them knows what they are doing. When she storms off they begin to reflect on their own choices.

Up until this point, Victor has been treated as a supporting character. Mr. Corman episode 4 “Mr. Morales” is really where he’s shined. The most surprising performance this week came from Delgado who had her acting debut in the series. Although the episode was fairly short, she definitely has a bright future.

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