‘Superman & Lois’ Recap: Season 1, Episode 15 “Last Sons of Krypton”

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Tonight, the season finale of Superman & Lois aired on The CW. Smallville is saved once again and a shocking appearance is made. By who? Read on to find out and for the explosive moments from “Last Sons of Krypton.”

The Search for Jordan and … er … Zeta-Rho Is On

Last week, Jordan was not only captured after Sam’s car flipped and crashed with Sarah and Jonathan also inside. Tal-Rho kidnapped him and, as the eradicator, put his father Zeta-Rho’s Kryptonian spirit inside of Jordan. Lois and Clark are clearly beside themselves, they’ve searched everywhere and can’t find him. Clark promises he won’t stop looking until he finds him.

Later, Clark is able to get through to Jordan when he projects his voice over Earth. When he locates him, Jordan doesn’t remember a thing that happened to him. Soon, Zeta-Rho takes over again.

Lois Lane, the Woman Who Always Has a Plan

Bitsie Tulloch and Tyler Hoechlin as Lois Lane and Superman in Superman & Lois season finale
Bettina Strauss/The CW

Lois wants to use the same energy that they used to bring Clark back to bring Jordan forward back into himself. Clark thinks it’s a bad idea, because if they recover Jordan’s memories, Zeta’s will come right behind. Lois thinks they have to try, she’s been working with Jordan to help him escape the darkness of his mind and he’s strong, just like the two of them.

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s … Tal-Rho?

At the DoD’s hub, Tal-Rho is gearing up to turn all of the civilians in the vicinity into Kryptonians. But not on Steel’s watch. The military begins shooting at Tal-Rho but it’s no use — he’s already putting the spirits of the council into them. Superman arrives on-site and everyone realizes the city needs to be evacuated.

The Gang Is Bringing in Reinforcements

jordan elsass as jonathan kent in superman & lois finale
Bettina Strauss/The CW

Steel has equipped his hammer with tech that should be able to take down Tal-Rho — provided he throw it from a far enough distance. While Irons and Clark handle Tal-Rho, Jonathan will be guarding his mom who will make her way through Jordan’s memories. He’s been warned not to use the weapon handed to him unless he absolutely has to. He’ll listen, right? Right?!

Steel and Superman try their hardest to fight through the other Kryptonians in their way. Steel is able to knock out Jordan and get him back to the farm so Lois can traverse through his mind. Inside, she just scratches the surface but needs to send herself deeper. Outside, Jordan awakes and Jonathan thinks Lois has fixed him. He quickly finds out that isn’t the case. Jonathan is armed and ready but not for long, Jordan’s got him in a chokehold, so Lois needs to find him, fast. She does, in his room crying and she tries to console him. He’s strong, a fighter; he needs to find the strength to fight back against Zeta. He’s able to pull himself out as Lois rushes over to embrace the boys.

Kyle Cushing, Smallville’s Other Hero

Kyle heads into a building to help someone stranded in the midst of the chaos. The building explodes and while Sarah believes her father went with it, he emerges from the smoke unscathed.

The Cushing’s have gotten a bad rep, with Kyle and Lana unknowingly turning civilians into Tal’s experiments. They’ve gotten their home defaced; the town has turned against them. This is just what they needed to not only get back in the good graces with their family and friends, they also prove to themselves that they only want to do what’s right for the town in which they live and love.

On Your Mark, Steel

Bettina Strauss/The CW

Clark positions himself behind Tal, holding him in place so Steel can hit him with the hammer and he does. He’s depleting, fast, of course Superman saves the day and brings him back down to Earth before it’s too late. Tal-Rho says all he wanted was a family, Clark says he had one.

A Super PSA

Bettina Strauss/The CW

Superman is giving Smallville the answers they’ve been searching for in the form of an interview with The Gazette. Chrissy wonders if people will be apprehensive of Kryptonians now that they’ve seen the ugly. Superman instills hope back into the town, they will come out stronger than before.

The Cushings are hosting one of their famous BBQs at their house. Clark speaks to Lana, he’s happy they chose to stay. Lana says Kyle got his job back, and Smallville is where she met her best friend.

A Fresh Start

Lois has gathered enough money to buy half of The Gazette, offering to become partners with Chrissy. She wants to build something better and thinks they can do it, together.

Sam has decided to step down from active duty at the DoD. Irons says he’ll be hard to replace but Sam assures him they’ll find someone. Once Sam walks away, Lois approaches and asks Irons if he’s figured out where he’s going next and offers to have him stay. Every time Irons sees Lois, he’s reminded of his world’s Lois, which is the reason he can’t stay.

Jordan’s Confession

Jordan and Sarah sneak off for a private moment together. He promises that when he said he loves her, it wasn’t just a declaration before his death, he means it. Sarah smiles and gives him a kiss while telling him she loves him too.

Together Again

It gets interrupted by a ship that crashes onto the Kent’s farm. Irons’ daughter Natalie emerges. She doesn’t know about this world’s Lois, which means the truth will break her heart even more.

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