Sunday, March 26, 2023

‘Bridgewater’: Episode 3 “Stories” Released

PODCASTSBRIDGEWATER'Bridgewater': Episode 3 "Stories" Released

A brand new episode of Bridgewater has been released, titled “Stories.” Bridgewater is an audio drama from Aaron Mahnke and iHeartRadio, written by Lauren Shippen.

In this episode, “Following the trail in their own ways, Jeremy and Anne each uncover new information that promises to add new pieces to the larger puzzle.”

The story is about “a folklore professor, Jeremy Bradshaw, who is pulled into the mysterious 1980 disappearance of his police officer father, Thomas, by new evidence that threatens to upend decades of certainty. Along the way, he’s helped by some unlikely partners who challenge everything he believes in and ultimately tries to answer the question: can the past actually be rewritten? Together with his father’s former partner, retired Detective Anne Becker, Jeremy must chase the clues that will tell him whether his father really did fall victim to a Satanic cult in the Bridgewater Triangle — or something much more dark and unexplainable.”

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The cast includes Misha Collins as Jeremy Bradshaw, Nathan Fillion as Thomas Bradshaw, Melissa Ponzio as Anne Becker, Hilarie Burton Morgan as Shelley Hoskins, Wil Wheaton as Captain Haddock, Kristin Bauer as Celeste, Karan Soni as Vipin Khurana, and Jonathan Joss as Joseph Hoskins.

We also talked to Mahnke all about the podcast and you can read our interview, here.

The first two episodes are currently available on iHeart Radio and all major podcast platforms, and a second season is already in the works. The first season will feature 10 episodes, releasing weekly.

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