Monday, March 27, 2023

‘Superman & Lois’: Season Finale “Last Sons of Krypton” Teaser Released

FANDOMDC'Superman & Lois': Season Finale "Last Sons of Krypton" Teaser Released

The season finale of Superman & Lois, “Last Sons of Krypton,” airs next week on The CW. Ahead of the episode, a teaser has been revealed. The first season has been explosive; from major reveals to intriguing storylines, the show brings a more humane side to the Man of Steel.

In last night’s episode “The Eradicator,” Tal-Rho and Leslie began their quest to resurrect the Kryptonian race. In the end, a major crash involving Jordan, Jon, Sam, and Sarah took place, and well … things aren’t looking too good for Jordan. That being said, the teaser for the finale shows Clark and Lois desperate to locate their son before it’s too late. However, according to Leslie, Superman won’t even be able to stop what’s next.

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