‘Superman & Lois’ Recap: Season 1, Episode 14 “The Eradicator”

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Tal-Rho becomes the Eradicator, Irons and Superman team up to put a stop to Tal-Rho and Leslie, and Lana and Kyle have a big decision to make. Read on to find out what happens in the penultimate episode of Superman & Lois season 1, “The Eradicator.”

Edge is still consuming the Eradicator, flashbacks of his life and his mission flashing before his eyes.

Flash forward to three weeks later, Jordan wants to visit Sarah at the Cushing’s, Lois says she just wants him to be responsible.

Jonathan is spending a lot of time with John Henry Irons and helping him build weapons. Clark doesn’t think it’s a good idea but Jon just wants to be prepared for when Edge inevitably shows back up.

Sam is calling for Clark and Lois. He’s livid that Chrissy ran the story in the Gazette about him and the DoD. Sam agreed to speak in a town hall meeting but now people are going to have more questions than they originally had. 

Clark is at the Cushing’s house to find out why they’re having an open house. They pretend not to know each other before he asks why Lana has been avoiding him. Every time she sees Clark, she’s reminded of what she is losing. They have a heart-to-heart, with Lana saying they need a fresh start just like he did. He is insistent that she stay to help rebuild Smallville to the way it once was but they’ve already made up their minds. In the backyard, Sarah tries to reassure Jordan about them staying. Jordan says Lana seems to be serious about it and she asks how he knows that but they quickly brush past it. They kiss and Sophie sees, running to tell Lana with Sarah chasing after her. 

BettIna Strauss/The CW

Jonathan is helping Irons build and modify his weapons. He’s asking a lot of questions and says it’s “cool” that his daughter helped him build his suit. Irons is angry that he said it, considering she lost so much of her life and watched her mom get murdered on live TV.

Lois visits Chrissy at the Gazette who tells her she got an offer to sell the Gazette from a multimedia conglomerate. Lois thinks that’s a bad idea, they would ruin everything they’ve built. If the offer isn’t taken, the Gazette will go under in a month. There are no other options.

The consumption of the Eradicator is completed. Edge is now able to resurrect the Kryptonian race with a point snap of a finger.

Clark and Lois are attending a town meeting at the high school. The citizens of Smallville are rioting, so they try their best to deescalate. 

Lana is second-guessing her and Kyle’s decision to move, feeling like they’re rushing. Kyle remarks that Jon and Jordan’s friendship isn’t going to help put food on the table. He tries to comfort her by saying as long as he has her, they can make any place their home.

Sarah, Jon, and Jordan are at the diner when a few members of the football team invite the boys to a party. Jordan says they don’t have to go but Sarah insists that it’s okay, they need to see their friends and tells him to call her later.

The town meeting is underway with Sam answering any and all (well, mostly all) questions people have. As the crowd gets fired up, Clark puts his two cents in as Chrissy begins pushing him. Lois takes it upon herself to answer them and tell the truth this time. Sam admits there’s a reason for concern with Derek Powell’s mother tells them not to trust Sam, that she has proof involving the DoD. 

Kyle is clearing out his locker at the station when Tamera pays him a visit. She wants to prove the team wrong again, and that she told the chief of Bristol they’d be lucky to have him.

Inside the DoD, Leslie is locked up, but not for long as Edge has taken out the DoD and broken in.

Sharon is seething with rage about the loss of her son and wants to know the truth. She bites at Lois telling her she doesn’t know what it’s like to lose a child. Both Clark and Lois look visibly upset because that is obviously not the case. Lois apologizes to Sharon. Sam gets word that they have a situation at the DoD that needs immediate attention as the crowd goes back into an uproar. 

Lois thinks they should warn the town of Edge and Leslie’s whereabouts but Sam thinks they need to wait. They’re conspiring about what he could possibly want. They locate Edge with the help of Irons and head to him. The people of Metropolis are asking if they need to be worried about Edge, but Clark realizes it’s no longer Edge. 

Jon and Jordan are at the party grabbing drinks. Jordan is getting a call from Sam but Jon tells him not to answer. Tiegan pulls Jonathan aside for a chat.

Kyle returns home and Lana asks how his time at the station went. Kyle tells her he spoke to Tamera and he thinks there’s no reason for them to leave everything they’ve made. He gets a call from the Bristol fire department with a job offer. The both of them head to Sarah’s room to tell her and Sophie what’s going on. Sarah is angry and goes off on the both of them, calling them hypocrites. 

Irons and Clark stand up to Leslie and Tal-Rho. Leslie tells him there’s no Tal-Rho anymore. Suddenly, Irons’ AI notifies him of other Kryptonian bodies in the park just as they begin to rise and float into the air.

Tiegan tries to apologize to Jon who at first wants to hear none of it. She did want to hang out with him, but she wanted answers, too. However, they don’t have to be mutually exclusive. Jon gives her the cold shoulder but when she tells him more about her, they have more in common than they thought. She asks him to show her around, and he jokes about skipping the water tower this time. Sarah is at the party and Jon asks her what’s happening. She needs to talk to Jordan and lashes out at everyone in the room. She tells him that Kyle got a new job and they will more than likely be moving.

They get a notification about the happenings in Metropolis and turn on the TV. Jon and Jordan exchange knowing looks, visibly nervous. Lois heads up high to get to a news reporter with a camera. She wants to get everything out immediately so she takes over and tries to tell the citizens what’s happening. The scene is looking eerily familiar, much like on Irons’ Earth when he lost his Lois in a similar situation.

Superman and Irons are both trying their best to fight off Leslie, the Kryptonians, and Edge. As Lois is speaking, Leslie appears behind her. Jordan and Jonathan are both nervous, recognizing this is how she’s died before.

Clark is trying to question Leslie asking him how he was able to get ahold of the Eradicator. When she doesn’t budge, they put two and two together that he consumed it and is on his way to make more subjects. Sam has picked up Jon, Sarah, and Jordan and they’re on their way to safety when Tal-Rho shows up and causes their car to flip. 

All passengers severely injured, Tal-Rho gets ahold of Jordan and implants a Kryptonian into his body. But this isn’t just any Kryptonian .. it’s his father, Zeta-Rho.

The Superman & Lois season 1 finale airs next Tuesday at 9 p.m. ET/8 p.m. CT on The CW. Be sure to check out our continued coverage of the show. Superman & Lois is available to stream in its entirety on cwtv.com.

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