‘Dynasty’ Recap: Season 4, Episode 12 “Everything but Facing Reality”

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Liam finally returns, Cristal tries to find the right time to talk to Blake, and Sam and Culhane are having trouble seeing eye to eye. Read on to find out everything that happens in this week’s episode of Dynasty, “Everything but Facing Reality.”

That airline that Fallon bought for Blake? He and Anders are checking it out. Blake is making a lot of changes and demands already, and it’s not going over well. Blake tells a sentimental story about how he obtained his pilot’s license before he could drive. Anders reminds him that he didn’t actually finish.

Meanwhile, at the manor, Fallon is hosting a workout for Sam and herself. She found a bunch of hard candy wrappers in his bed. He says he’s just stress eating due to the fact he still hasn’t told Culhane about hiring the sketchy contractor. Fallon is zoned out texting Liam who returns later that day from his trip.

Dominique and Jeff are scouting a place for her fashion show. Culhane asks what they’re doing, Jeff asks a small favor from him since they’re still in escrow. If Dominique can host her fashion show, Jeff will knock $20,000 off of the purchase price. Of course, Culhane agrees.

Adam is giving Cristal one of her treatments. When he’s done, he reminds her of the side effects and that sooner rather than later Blake is going to notice so she needs to tell him. Cristal is adamant about waiting for the right moment to do so; it won’t be easy for him to process.

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Sam is wincing in pain when he meets up with Culhane to discuss their club business. Culhane has gathered a list of replacement contractors for their renovation. (It’s now or never, Sam.) Sam pivots and tells him to set up something for the next week or two, but Culhane has already taken care of it and rescheduled the appointments.

Alexis walks into the club and gets served a heavy eye roll courtesy of Culhane. She wants to rent the space out for a luncheon. He tells her that spot is already occupied by Dominique for her fashion show.

Fallon is going over plans for Liam’s return, but he’s already back and looking over all the information he has gathered. He has big news that could lead him closer to finding out more about his father. The inside trading ring is still up and running and he’s got the name of the leader. The craziest part? His dad left the ring and was trying to expose it and that’s when North had him killed.

Blake wants to have lunch with Cristal, who is on her way to the clinic because something came up with her “patient.” She says they’re trying a new experimental treatment and they don’t know if it’s going to work. She’s nervous and Blake sees it. Adam comes out of the house but stops when he sees the two of them talking, standing far enough back and out of sight. Adam can tell she’s in trouble so he covers for her by saying she’s riding with him.

Adam has found out some new information, but Fallon doesn’t believe it isn’t enough to go public. Liam agrees. She tries to get him to take a break, but that’s not going to happen. The senator is having an event at his house later that evening, so Liam is planning on getting inside to obtain access to his computer and the proof.

Blake is at the hospital to drop off lunch for Cristal and soon finds out she hasn’t been there all day. He puts two and two together in his head of what he thinks is going on and leaves, throwing the food out in the process.

Sam was able to get an invitation to the fundraising event at the senator’s home for Fallon and Liam. He forwarded the invite over and just as he did Sam got a call that he would need an ID to get inside. Fallon realizes they have been reading Liam’s emails and now believes he’s not crazy at all.

Dominique is waiting for Clark to attend the show and view her designs when she gets a call that he won’t be coming. He favors simplistic designs, something that she didn’t create. Alexis walks in and it’s clear she sabotaged Dominique by hiring someone to pretend to be Clark’s assistant. She wants the space all to herself for the luncheon.

Fallon and Liam have enlisted Jeff’s help to get to the bottom of the hacking. Jeff finds out it’s been happening for a few weeks. That hacking issue at Fallon Unlimited was to try to get into Liam’s accounts.

Jeff checks on Dominique because he heard the show is canceled. Jeff reminds her of why she started this, to honor her mother. He doesn’t want her to quit, she just has to find another way.

Sam and Culhane are meeting with potential contractors when Sam realizes he has to tell the truth. He does and Culhane is more than receptive and understanding. He asks Sam to set up a meeting for the three of them.

Cristal is undergoing another treatment and is already feeling the effects. Adam suggests they tell Blake together, but she doesn’t think it’s a good idea. She insists on telling Blake when she’s ready.

Fallon and Liam are at the party, and as Fallon points out, Liam’s disguise is very much Clark Kent-esque. He tells her he’s going to head into the senator’s office.

Dominique interrupts the luncheon with her fashion show and gets what she came for. She receives an offer from Elsie Vaughn.

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Fallon spots the senator and tries to notify Liam, so he asks her to stall him. Blake is at home in his office when he hears Adam come home. He wants to know what’s going on with Cristal, now. Adam recognizes that he can’t tell Blake himself what’s happening because he would break doctor-patient confidentiality, so he leaves her file out on top of his things and leaves the room to make tea.

Liam and Fallon get caught, so Liam tells North exactly what he knows. The senator explains away, but Fallon asks about the hacking. They noticed Liam stalking the senator so they acquired limited surveillance to monitor him.

Cristal is waiting for Blake in their room. She’s finally ready to tell him but of course, he already knows. He says she should have told him, but there was nothing to tell. She’s trying an experimental drug that may or may not work, but Blake is insistent on his beliefs. Cristal didn’t tell him because he would do exactly what he is in the moment; taking charge of the situation and making it about him.

Jeff congratulates Dominique, but she tells him she turned down Elsie’s offer. Dominique realized that her mom designed clothes for everyone, not just luxury buyers, so she wants to do the same. She just needs to find an affordable manufacturer, so Jeff offers to help.

Blake is busy eating his feelings in the kitchen when Anders enters and tries to talk him down. Blake feels helpless, and Anders tells him he is. He wants Blake to put himself in Cristal’s shoes and imagine all the emotions she is going through.

Leo, Culhane, and Sam are in their meeting. Culhane discloses he knows about the threats and offers to call the police chief to see what he thinks. Leo calls him up himself and proves they are much closer. He pulls out his gun and threatens them once again, so they have no choice but to agree to the service.

Cristal is outside by the pool when Adam tells her the news that the treatments seem to be working. The tumor hasn’t shrunken enough yet to operate, but if it keeps progressing the way it is, it’s a good sign. Adam spots Blake and excuses himself. Blake apologizes. He wants to start over, he doesn’t know how to deal with loss, and admittedly he’s terrified. He reassures her that they can get through it together.

Liam and Fallon are back at home but he hasn’t dropped the situation. He’s angry, he’s always had her back when she needed him. She says he’s searching for an answer that isn’t there; he needs to accept reality.

Alexis pays a visit to Dominique at La Mirage. They exchange words (and blackmail) proving that the secrets they shared in the mines are true.

Blake tells Cristal about his pilot’s license and when he gets it they can fly anywhere in the world together. Suddenly, Cristal is feeling woozy so she stands up and quickly collapses but Blake is there to catch her and calls for help. Liam is waiting for the “informant” when he gets kidnapped.

Dynasty airs Friday nights at 9 p.m. ET on The CW.

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