GINX Esports TV Canada Will Be Livestreaming TELUS Esports Series Finals

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GINX Esports TV Canada

Canada’s only 24-hour esports channel, GINX Esports TV Canada, has announced that they will be the home of the inaugural edition of the Telus Esports series tournaments finals. Gamer fans will be able to cheer people on from the comfort of their own homes as the players compete in Rocket League for the chance to be crowned Canadian champion and win $50,000. The event will take place July 31 to August 1, 2021; it is part of esports and video game content producer Northern Arena and is hosted by fan favorites Brody “Liefx” Moore and Jennifer “LemonKiwi” Pichette.

When talking about the partnership and the event, Carl Edwin-Michel, Founder and CEO of Northern Arena said:

“We are thrilled to see so many enthusiastic and competitive teams register for this tournament. Registrations far surpassed our expectations with over 1500 individuals signed up to compete, showing that Canadian gamers are hungry for this kind of competition.”

Dan Rudolph, Director of Programming and Strategy for GINX Esports TV Canada, had this to say about the partnership and the event as well.

“We know our GINX audience demands the highest quality gaming events and with this TELUS partnership, that’s what we aim to deliver. This is yet another step in our ongoing commitment to elevate our event experiences and bring the most elite gaming programming to our subscribers.”

Other content gamers and fans of gaming can find on GINX Esports TV Canada includes:

  • Rocket League Central: Featuring informed Rocket League personalities, Rocket League Central is a 30-minute long show that talks everything Rocket League and is hosted by Brody “Liefx” Moore.
  • World of Fortnite: Exploring all things Fortnite, get aboard the Battle Bus and join our Fortnite personalities in exploring the wonderful World of Fortnite!
  • The Jay & Rob Toy Show: Join Jay Bartlett and Rob McCallum for discussions on anything and everything possible from the world of toys. Season one includes discussion on The Rules of Collecting, Vehicles, Female Action Figures, Exclusive Action Figures, Action Figure Scale, and much more! Expect action figure spotlights, toy room tours, insight from toy industry pros, and more.
  • Action Figure Adventure: Super collector Jay Bartlett goes on a quest for the coolest, rarest, and most talked-about action figures and playsets ever created in hopes of putting together the ultimate action figure auction with all the proceeds going to support a local charity and critically ill children. Along the way, hear from industry insiders, icons, legends, and a plethora of fans who discuss the evolution of action figures, debate the pros and cons of play features and playsets, reminisce about action figure memories, and explore the future of it all.

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